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Good vs Bad Blogger Outreach

Good vs Bad Blogger Outreach

While on-site Search Engine Optimization has taken the entire market by storm, there is another avenue that has gotten everyone’s attention these days.

As everyone is hooked to social media these days, it is but wise to use the avenue to make the most of marketing in the meantime. A lot of influencers have sprung up on social media with a massive following. These bloggers/influencers have a say in their social circle. People value their opinions and suggestions. It is the reason why the majority of the brands opt to market via bloggers.

Although there are plenty of bloggers in the market, the very same market is so crowded with brands that the same bloggers find their inboxes glutted with emails. And mind you, not each of those emails gets answered. The bloggers (or their managers) can judge from a single glance whether they should read a particular email or not.

So, if you are about to start your blogger outreach campaign and are confused how to reach out to them without coming out as the annoying one here’s what you need to know:

Good Blogger Outreach Vs. Bad Blogger Outreach

According to Healthy Links, there are plenty of things that differentiate a good blogger outreach from a bad one. Let’s list down a few for you:

Writing emails

If you have done blogger outreach before, you have the idea what I am talking about. Writing emails may be one of the most annoying and tiresome things to do but trust me; the effort is worth it. It is the content of the email that seals the deal for you.

A good blogger outreach entails researching thoroughly before getting at the writing part. After understanding who are you writing to, you must tailor the email accordingly. One of the most heinous mistakes companies do is use the same template as well as the content for every blogger they reach out to.

Understand that the tiny personal work-related insinuations or admirations are vital as they give the bloggers the idea that you know them hence the email. These bloggers get tons of emails with generic content. By the time you send in yours, they have become experts at skimming such mails. Stand out from the crowd by adding details to your content.

Compelling subject

While the content of the email is essential, it is the subject of the email that grabs one’s attention first.

Email marketing entails compelling subjects. The subject line has to be very balanced. Along with the subject being a compelling one, it is also essential that you do not overdo with making it as catchy as possible. Note that everyone knows the importance of writing a compelling subject. You are not doing something unique. Make sure that your email’s subject is catchy and on-point. It should not be misleading (characteristic of a bad blogger outreach).


Personalizing emails is integral to blogger outreach. The reason why emails with even the most compelling content do not receive a reply is that they are not personalized. Remember that if you do not personalize the email, it will give the recipient the impression that you either did not research enough for them or do not know them at all (a big downer).

It does not take much time to find out the name of the blogger. You have got to invest some time to expect a response.

Do all the work yourself

When doing blogger outreach, understand the importance of time for the bloggers. They are busy people and have absolutely no time to go the extra mile for you. Do not expect them to follow your lengthy instructions.

A prevalent mistake many outreach managers tend to make is that they leave a few things to be done by the bloggers themselves. Like every other human being, bloggers are a sucker for easy deals. If you give them work, you lose their attention instantly. If you are sending them a two or more steps procedure to follow then trust me, you are digging your own grave.

Wrapping up

All in all, it is straightforward to identify generic emails. A good blogger outreach email is personalized, brief and relevant as well as compelling. Redundant emails asking too much from the bloggers are frowned upon.

So, the next time you sit to plan for blogger outreach, make sure you keep the aforementioned points I mind.

Happy blogging!

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