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Get Data Science Certification And Become The Expert

Get Data Science Certification And Become The Expert

What is Data Science?

Data Science is the study of data just like we study any other subject. The data is real and has real properties and we need to study them so that we can work on them. Data Science involves data and some science and hence the name. Data science is the very exercise of going through the data and analyzing it and trying to get answers from it.

Data Science is a process by which data is used to understand different things, and to understand the world. It is the method by which you have a model or a hypothesis and you validate the hypothesis by using your data. It is the art of uncovering the trends and insights hiding behind the available data. These insights can be used to make strategic choices and decisions by a company or institution.


Data is the main key to learning 360DigiTMG data science. Tabular data, with columns and rows much like the Microsoft Excel sheet format is called structured data. Unstructured data is basically the data which comes from the web and is not tabular but in text format. It can be audio and video data as well. Sometimes, more sophisticated algorithms have to be used to extract data. Most often, unstructured data is taken and a lot of time is spent to get a structure out of it and then it is analyzed. Methods have also to be found to store large amounts of data.

Data Science Tools and Technology

A set of advanced tools used by data scientists is called machine learning. This approach to data science takes a lot of time and is often called the black box approach since you don’t have many assumptions about the data to work on. Machine learning is basically dumping every bit of available information into the model, and seeing what comes out of it.

R, Stata, or Python would be the programming tools mainly used for data science management if you are working on structured data. Python is more suitable than R if you are working largely on unstructured data. Hadoop and Spark are the environments you need if you are working on big data.

Requirements of a Data Scientist

A Data Scientist has to have good mathematics as well as statistical background and should have good problem-solving abilities. They need to be good at analyzing problems and also data visualization. Expertise is required to work with and store large amounts of data and the ability to work with platforms that allow it. The final step required is to apply algorithms to these sets of data.

Data Science Certification

Data Science Certification is a training program designed to enable a prospective data scientist to become an expert in various data analysis techniques using the appropriate tools as applied to the field of interest. It enables them to effectively apply data optimization and manipulation techniques using mathematical and statistical concepts so that they can come out with the suitable predictive models for each and every real-time problem encountered in any business field.

If you are skilled in Mathematics and Statistics and want to be a professional data scientist, come and join the Data Science Certification Course in 360DigiTMG.

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I am Bharani Kumar Depuru, eminent Digital Transformation Specialist with over 15+ years of professional experience in Emerging Technologies consulting like Data Science, Machine Learning, AI etc… I am an alumnus of IIT & ISB and serve on the board of multiple companies in devising their strategies.

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