There are several labour jobs in Toronto that you can apply for and be accepted. Generally, the general labour field incorporates a broad range of positions. If you want to become a general labourer, knowing the kind of jobs available can help you narrow down your career path.

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Here at Team Global, we have decided to make this easier for you. In this piece, we will define general labour, list some of the common general labour jobs in Toronto, and show you how you can get them. Ready? Let’s go.

What Is General Labour?

General labour is defined as any non-skilled, hands-on tasks. For example, weeding, cleaning, landscaping, etc. A general labourer makes an average income of $27,00o yearly.

General workers can work indoor or outdoor. Due to this reason, their responsibilities vary depending on the workplace.

How To Get A General Labour Job

Since general labour jobs vary, there is no one particular way of getting these jobs. However, using a job agency is one of the ways you can get a general labour work. If you want to become a general labourer, here are some things you need to put in place:

Acquire High-School Experience

Attending high school is a great step to acquiring some skills and knowledge that will be needed in general labour jobs in Toronto. Apart from general knowledge, you should consider acquiring skills in welding, drawing, and plumbing. Mathematics classes also come in handy as a general labourer. 

Get A High School Diploma

Though general labour jobs in Toronto are open positions that don’t require minimum grades to qualify, having a high school diploma puts you on an advantage position. It increases your chances of getting a job in your career field.

Enhance Your Skills

It is important to sharpen your skills before applying for any general labour job through a job agency. Honing your skills increases your chances of getting the job.

      • Physical strength- Most general labour jobs in Toronto demand physical strength, stamina, and balance to carry heavy loads, move heavy tools, and machinery. 
      • Communication skills- You will need to work on your communication skills, as you will need to communicate with team members when working. It is essential for collaboration, understanding project requirements, and deadlines.
      • Technical skills- The technical skills that you need to work on will depend on the field that you are working on. For instance, some general labour jobs will require the use of computers to operate machines. 
      • Teamwork skills- You will need teamwork skills in collaborating with the team members during the execution of your project.

Gain Experience

The more experience you have amassed in a particular field, the easiest it will be to get the job you need.

Get Certified And Tweak Your Resume

If you were employed as a general labourer before, make sure you get labourer certification. This will enable you to showcase your experience and stand out from the others.


Types Of General Labour Jobs

There are various types of general labour jobs in Toronto that you can apply for through a job agency. Some of them include;


They are also called janitors. They are employed to keep buildings clean. On average, they earn $24,835 per year. 


The worker of a packer is to clean shipping containers and label and pack items. This job demands paying attention to detail and organizational skills since the items have to be packed well and in the proper shipping containers. Packers earn an average salary of $25,700 per year.

Farm Labourers

They work in farms where they take care of the crops and animals and do other jobs such as inspecting crops and plowing. They earn an average salary of $26,100 per year.

Warehouse Workers. 

They work on a variety of duties within a warehouse facility. They earn an average yearly salary of $31,200.

Construction Workers

They work in a construction site where they build structures. They work with heavy machines. They earn a yearly average salary of $32,300.

Other general labourers include maintenance specialists, irrigation technicians, pool technicians, package handlers, landscape technicians, forklift operators, etc.