Games can come in a variety of forms, which is why they are among one of the most popular entertainment mediums available for people to enjoy.

There are games that consist of various features, and designs; however numbers appear to be a rather strong component for so many to have been created. There are games that are available that do not necessarily require players to be good with numbers, but this can help.

While games like bingo, roulette, and number bet have become popular options at sportsbooks like Betway as they use numbers in a fun and enjoyable way, there are strategic games that do require individuals to be able to use them and be good with them in order to be able to win.

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Backgammon – a timeless board game spanning centuries – tests the numerical adeptness of two opponents. Players roll dice to determine their pieces’ progress on the board, thus requiring an acute sense of addition and quick calculation in order to ensure they are making optimal moves with each turn.


Chess is a beloved game that demands its players have an appreciation for numbers. Players must be able to think ahead, understand the numerical values of pieces, and use mathematical calculations to progress in the game. A strategic thinker with strong number skills has a great advantage over their opponent as they can anticipate moves before they’re made.


It could be argued that Blackjack is another popular game that requires players to be good with numbers, or at least be able to count to 21. With the classic casino game a popular title on betting platforms that offer it like Blackjack, players need to be able to count the numbers (and royals) that they have in their hand and be able to work out what they total. If they can not do this, then the game will not be played as effectively as possible.


Sudoku is an exciting and popular puzzle game that challenges your math acumen. It necessitates filling in numbers within the grid without repetition, making sure they rightly coexist with one another – a feat achievable only through logical reasoning and mathematical deduction. Those proficient at mathematics can solve the puzzle quickly and accurately, imbuing this puzzler with an extra layer of difficulty which makes it even more entertaining!


Mahjong is a captivating tile-based game that can be enjoyed with two, three, or four players. The aim of the match is to link tiles in pairs or collections based on their numeric value – each and every piece having its own distinct numerical worth. As such, those who are skilled at numbers may gain from this by being able to swiftly and accurately connect pieces together.

While many may not enjoy math at school, there is no doubt that it is a skill that can be particularly useful when it comes down to playing some of the most classic games available!