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A Guide to Game Development on Android

A Guide to Game Development on Android

Game Development on Android

The creation of games for Android always consists of many stages. The first stage in making an app game is writing documentation, studying competitors, conducting analytics, and forming a concept document. It would help if you always started by preparing interface prototypes using diagrams and mockups. It is important at this stage to calculate and lay down all the functionality of the future project. Programming is officially the last part of the stages and includes setting up the server, database, API and other key decisions. The final part is synthetic and organic tests, load tests, search for the vulnerabilities and the final release of the game on Google Play and the App Store with high-quality ASO optimization, which is carried out by marketers.This task can be easily solved with Kevurugames.

Mobile application development is one of the most profitable segments in the computer industry. It costs several hundred or thousands of dollars to create an application, but the profit can reach millions. In this regard, many are interested in how to create a game for an Android phone or tablet.

Idea development

First of all, you need to figure out what you are going to create. If this is some kind of application, then you should decide with the audience what opportunities it will provide to the user. It can be an information application or a program that provides additional functions such as a video or audio player.

Making a game is a little more difficult as the app store is filled with a variety of games of all genres. It is difficult to create something truly unique and catchy, but without trying it, you will never know. To begin with, you can draw up an idea on the paper. Work through all the details, highlight the key features, try to make a simple and understandable game that will interest the user.

Object Model and BOM Creation

Before you start programming, you need to solve a certain list of problems. The Object Model is a detailed description of every object in the game. It can be directly the player himself, any objects (weapons, armor, and so on), unique properties, objects of the surrounding world.

Functional specifications are anything that describes how the game will work. These are the possible actions of the player and non-playable characters (NPCs), how much damage the weapon does or how the armor is used up. The developer needs to work out the functions of each object in the game, this also applies to all kinds of consumables (first-aid kits, cartridges).

The interface is an extremely important component, since it is with it that the user will contact. It is necessary to develop which windows will be in the game (loading window, menus, settings, the game itself), as well as provide for the scheme of transition from one window directly to another.

Choosing an engine

Here you have two paths: start development completely from scratch using pure programming, or use a special constructor. It allows you to use ready-made elements, while it has a simple interface, thanks to which, even without advanced programming skills, you can create a game.

Special programs

A person who is interested in the topic of creating games on Android has many questions in his head/ And he has even more doubts about his abilities, because to develop games you need certain knowledge, skills and abilities. First of all, you need to know programming languages.

Because of their fears and doubts, people often refuse to implement their ideas. But in vain, because creating games on Android does not have to be difficult. In the modern world, many processes are automated to make life easier for a person. For example, this site was created using a content management system, and if simpler, then using a designer program. And it didn’t require knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS and PHP to get it up and running.

For game development, there are also specialized engines that can help simplify many tasks.

The most popular customers today are:

Unity 3D

Unity 3D is a cross-platform computer game development environment. The program allows you to create games and applications for many platforms: computers, game consoles, mobile devices, as well as for more than 20 popular operating systems, known for everybody nowadays. The visual development environment, modular system of components and cross-platform support makes making games simple and convenient.

Game Maker

Game Maker is an engine for creating games on Android and other OSes. It will be extremely useful for beginners who comprehend game development from scratch. And it will help you to understand the basics that will be useful in the future when working in the field of game development.

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 is a powerful free platform for creating 3D and 2D games. Great for both PC game development and mobile devices: phones, tablets running Android and IOS.

Of course available variants are not limited only with these offers. Nowadays there are a lot of opportunities for any request, among which can be found the most optimal variant.

Thus, the development of mobile games for Android consists of the following stages:

  • Writing documentation.
  • Formation of prototypes.
  • UI / UX interface.
  • Server side – Back End.
  • Client side – Front End.
  • Release, ASO.

Platform features

There are a number of advantages in the case of native engines. Such as, faster and more flexible creation of games, allowing to implement the functionality of the game in a language understandable to the device – Java. The dark side – the cost of developing a toy for Android will be twice as expensive as in the cross-platform Unity or Unreal engine. The fact is that such engines already contain SDKs for the Google Play and App Store platforms, which is a plus, but there is also a minus. A huge bunch of libraries that will not be used in the project take up an important place for methods. So, in each individual case – you need to choose the basis of the game, the engine or native languages, this issue is discussed together with the customer, and the decision is made together.

The developing a mobile game is fun for a programmer. But all games follow a common scenario. There are several screens for user interaction:

Splash screen;


Main screen;




Application context;

Game menu;

Help screen;

Score or high score table;

Settings screen.

A Guide to Game Development on Android

With android game development studio Kevurugames to solve the task is easy.


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