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Top 3 Free DVD Ripping Software

Top 3 Free DVD Ripping Software

Have not found a satisfactory DVD ripping program yet? Don’t worry as this article is going to discuss the most reliable dvd ripper for you. It is no longer a painful thing to find a reliable yet free DVD ripping software right now.

In this page, you will be introduced to some of the free DVD Rippers to convert or rip DVDs on your Windows computer. Let’s go to see the details of each freeware DVD Ripper.

Tips: If you are a Mac OS X user, we highly recommend you to take a look at the Mac DVD Ripper Pro which is the most reliable Mac DVD ripping software.

#1. HandBrake

Handbrake is probably the well-known and most popular free DVD ripper with its own great features. This freeware program can rip many DVDs to the intended output file format and be able to transfer it to the wide range of mobile devices.

A very different feature of this program is that it is designed with preset profiles for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc. Besides, the video & audio output settings also can be customized by users according to different requirements.

Even this free ripper is able to convert DVDs to common video files but it’s unable to rip some commercial or disc with copy protection. To do that, you need to pair it with a third-party decoder and the overall ripping speed is slightly slower compared to some paid tools.

#2. Format Factory

As a totally free software, Format Factory not only was used as a common media converting program, but also can be used as free DVD/CD ripping software to rip DVD or music CD to different formats of video or audio files. If you want to rip your wanted DVD movies to play on your handheld devices, this free DVD ripping software supports you to rip and convert DVD to MP4 format video which is supported by almost all media players.

The freeware lists all the supported output formats on the left panel that you can directly choose your wanted output format from the massive inventory of file formats. If there are no ads on the interface, this free application would be more friendly to all users.

#3. DVD Shrink

If you are not satisfied with the Format Factory, you can also have a try with DVD Shrink, which can also be used as a totally free DVD ripper to back up DVD movies. Besides ripping DVDs, this freeware can also support you to shrink DVDs.

There is only a ‘back up’ button rather than a rip button for you to rip DVD files to your hard disk. Since this free DVD Ripper software is no longer supported by the developer, the available final version is

Do you Need a Paid DVD Ripper?

After we introduce to you the free dvd ripping tools, it’s good to know why some pros still prefer the paid dvd ripping programs. The main reasons are that almost all the free tools are unable to rip copy-protected DVDs, the output file quality drop as well as the speed is slower!

So, there are also many DVD programs that can help you rip all kinds of DVDs. Out of the tools, we recommend Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro as the best dvd ripper.

The program comes with great features like fast ripping speed, ability to remove and rip all kinds of copyright protected DVDs, support many input and output file formats, great customer support and most importantly, the price is very affordable.

So, if you have many DVDs to rip you can get the paid tools to help you get the job done faster. Else, use the free tools that can rip most of the discs except the commercial DVDs.


The above free DVD Rippers are the three most popular free DVD ripping programs. Each of them has its own strength and weakness. However, if you want me to pick one, the Handbrake is the way to go.

If you are not satisfied with all above freewares, you may get the better paid DVD ripping software to achieve your goal of ripping DVD movies to your wanted video formats or devices more easily and safely.

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