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Five Lucrative Careers in STEM

Five Lucrative Careers in STEM

You probably know a little bit about the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, otherwise known as STEM. One thing that everyone knows is that STEM careers are making more money on average than other vocations. However, not all STEM careers make as much money as the next.

Some are a lot more lucrative than others, and it all depends on the amount of experience and their education you have. Luckily, you can go to a STEM education franchise to strengthen your skills. When you are thinking about changing your career or are helping your children determine what they want to do with their lives, below are five lucrative careers in STEM.

Computer Programming

One of the most lucrative, interesting, and impactful ideas out there is computer programming. Programming software is one of the most necessary jobs for the modern world. It doesn’t matter what field; these programmers can make a lot of money for a variety of companies computer programming. Programming is fun, but it’s also a pivotal aspect of our modern society. Computer programs need to improve for progress to spread. With the right computer programming job, you can feel both professionally and personally fulfilled because it is fascinating, and it pays well.


There is a lot of coding involved with programming, but there are also many people who choose to go deeper into coding as a vocation. Coding is dynamic. There are many coding and programming languages now, and the skill has become more creative and fluid. With a creative mind and a technical outlook, coding is one of the best things to get into. Coding is a great skill to learn for young children. Not only do they get the chance to expand their mind, but they will also be learning something useful for the future. Coding will continue to be a valuable and lucrative profession for the years to come.


With so many different forms of engineering, the profession provides options for both technical and creative minds. Whether you are in optical, aerospace, mechanical, or another type of engineering, there are all kinds of lucrative opportunities for engineers with different personalities, training, and experiences. Engineering will be a valuable skill for the foreseeable future, but what really makes the field enticing is how versatile, interesting, and useful the skills are. Engineers can apply their skills to many other things.


When you want to make money, what better field to get into than money itself? There are a lot of ways to become successful in finance, business, accounting, and the economy. Whether you want to invest, become a consultant, manage money, or all the above, finance is math. Mathematics, software engineering, statistics, and graphing are all used in finance. When you boil it down to the numbers, everything becomes a lot simpler. Another tool that is used in finance as well as other areas is data science.

Data Science

Data is one of the most valuable resources today. The influx of the internet and technology has led to an emphasis on not just acquiring data, but properly storing and analyzing it. When you have a large amount of data and utilize it, you can improve a business in all kinds of ways. It’s no wonder that data science has become a well-paying job.

When you specialize in data science, you will be able to synthesize information, make it accessible to the average person, and give businesses the tools they need to find the right demographics, create the right products, and satisfy the demand in the market. Of course, artificial intelligence and machine learning are greatly helpful in this field.

These five STEM careers are just the beginning. There are many more lucrative and fulfilling STEM jobs to choose from. Are you thinking about taking a pivot in your career? Are you trying to help your child find the best career path for their mind and future? STEM positions are, on average, paid more than most jobs in the world. Whether engineering is your thing or you are more inclined to become a computer programmer, STEM jobs are valuable, lucrative, and fulfilling. When one of these jobs is right for a person, it can lead to a prosperous life.

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