Subscribe to These 7 Fitness YouTube Channels to Stay Healthy

In recent months, the quarantine has forced you to stay inactive. However, YouTube is filled with fitness channels that will help you become fit and stay healthy. Whether you want a quick and easy program that you can easily do at home or an intense program, you are sure to find it in one of the following channels. All of them have millions of real YouTube subscribers and so you can trust the instructors.

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#1. Yoga With Adriene

Subscribers: 8.06 million

As the name of the channel implies, it is perfect to practice yoga. Yoga with Adriene is extremely popular because it features full programs of different lengths and levels. Therefore, even yoga beginners can find videos to practice and get better at it.

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#2. Fitness Blender

Subscribers: 6.37 million

Fitness Blender was established in 2010 by the married couple Daniel and Kelli. Over the years, their videos have gathered over 1 billion views. Among their F, you will find full programs and smart workouts. Additionally these, you will also find video recipes for healthy dishes.

#3. Blogilates

Subscribers: 5.29 million

Blogilates is a YouTube channel by Cassey Ho that has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. On this channel, you will find full-length POP Pilates and PIIT28. The videos are conveniently named according to the length of the workout, so you can easily choose the one you want.

#4. POPSUGAR Fitness

Subscribers: 5.02 million

In POPSUGAR Fitness’s channel, you will find workouts, fitness tutorials, and certain exercises that will improve your body. This channel has a lot of real YouTube subscribers because it offers solutions for the whole body. The videos are divided by their length. Furthermore, on this channel, you will find a series of workouts that you can do at home without equipment.

#5. MadFit

Subscribers: 4.34 million

MadFit is an excellent channel if you are looking for quick workout sessions at home. Apart from these, you will also find Kamran Shariefworkouts that combine partying with exercising. If you are looking for extra incentives to start working out, then this channel might be the ideal to give you some.

#6. BeFiT

Subscribers: 3.04 million

BeFiT is a channel with plenty of real YouTube subscribers because it features a great number of workout sessions. You can find programs from different styles, like yoga and pilates, to exercises that require equipment or not. No matter your personal style, you are sure to find an instructor and a program that suits you.

#7. The Fitness Marshall

Subscribers: 2.77 million

The Fitness Marshall realizes that it’s easier to work out when you are dancing. Therefore, his videos are all dance workouts from popular songs. The sessions are quick and very entertaining, and so, you will not realize how quickly the time passes. For this reason, this YouTube channel is also great for beginners.

It’s important to stay healthy during the quarantine. Make sure that you subscribe to all of the above channels to find the fitness tutorials that are the best for you. All of these channels have millions of real YouTube subscribers because of their high quality.

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