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Important Features of a Free Online Video Editor [2024]

Important Features of a Free Online Video Editor [2024]


Everyone is making online content and videos for their profiles on social media. And to make any small clip or short-duration video, it is not wise to install heavy premium software and fill the space of your PC and Mobile. Instead, you can just use our online video editor for free. You offer advanced features, filters, effects, and transactions to make the videos more creative and professional. You also provide cloud space for our users where they can just upload the video and make their edits render the output, and could just upload the result directly from the app to the social media apps. Let’s look at some of the features you offer to our users.

Different features we have

We are a cloud-based online video editor; every user with an internet connection can use our app. you can just log in to the website from any browser of your choice, and you are ready to go. You must upload the files you want to edit, and after editing, you can save the output and directly upload it from there. We have different features to give users a unique and professional experience; let’s look at some features in our app.

  • Text-To-Speech

Do you want to add some narration to the video but cannot use your voice, or do you want a specific kind of voice for your video? You can just use our text-to-speech feature to create different sounds. We use a powerful sound processor which creates a natural voice and produces the speech of the text you wrote. You don’t have to hire any voice actor, as you can use our app from any browser. This is super easy to try, and it is completely free to use. You just do not hear the speech, which can harm the audio file.

  • video-effect-and-filter

To make a creative and attractive video, every editor uses different kinds of effects and filters to make the video look more attractive and aesthetic. We are helping the editors in that way by providing them with the latest features, effects, and filters to use and also providing them with the customization feature to get the best result of the edit. You provide the effects for the video and have some amazing audio effects and transitions to make the audio crisper and clearer. We also provide the color correction feature in our app, which can make your output much better and more professional. We have commercial resources like music, sticker, and text that users can use for business needs.

  • add-music-to-video

Audio is one of the most integral parts of making a video. Using our app, you can add preferred music to your video for free. Music could make a simple video clip more aesthetic and more creative. By using CapCut, you can add not only music but also voiceovers, audio recordings, and different sound effects to your track to make it more professional. with a touch of SFX and background, you can make a pure professional video and make money by using our free app. also, by using our auto beat sync feature, you can set the timeline, which will give you a more cinematic look and Can create a commercial video, education video, promo video


  • add-subtitles-to-video

Adding subtitles to a video manually Is a very long and hectic process. Using our speech-to-text feature, you can have more precise subtitles for your video. You can also customize the setting of the text, and you can change the font, size, and style of the text. It is not that you just have plan subtitles; you can also have animated customized subtitles for your video. You must open our website in any browser, drag and drop the video and add the subtitle. You can make some adjustments per the requirement of the video frame like it is bigger or too small that you cannot see the text like that. And you can do all of that for free.

  • video-to-text

Manually transcribing is very difficult; it could take hours to transcribe the video to text. For that, we have the advanced AI feature by which we can change any video format like .Mp4 and convert it to text formats like .doc and .txt. Using our app, you can convert the video into any language of the world and which will give a chance to the international audience. We use an Ai transcription program to translate the video automatically, and you can copy and paste it to any file or could directly save it as .txt and .doc.


  • sound-effects

For making a video more cinematic, music plays a vital role in the process. Finding the right music is one of the editors’ most difficult parts. And adding different sound effects to it, like the cherry on the cake, which is a very important factor. We offer some very good features for the user to play around with and make more creative sound effects. And that’s all for free. So you can use the inbuilt sound effect and get the best result and can create different types of ad videos, including TikTok ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads. You can have a collaboration section with your friend, who is far away from you, then you just have to give the URL, and we can collaborate.

Online video editor – Now you can create more aesthetic, creative, and professional videos using our app. we offer a simple interface to our users so they can have a completely professional experience of making videos. You can share your edits directly without rendering them and collaborate to make a better creative video. You can create a commercial, education, and promo video and make good money using our free app. So there is no need to install premium and heavy software to make your videos, as you provide the same advanced feature for free.

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