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Easy Ways to Boost Your Instagram Reach

Easy Ways to Boost Your Instagram Reach

Instagram may have gotten its start as a basic picture-sharing platform, but it’s turned into something much more impressive and useful. Now, it’s also an effective content marketing and audience-building tool that has helped people build brands and increase social reach, and it can do the same for new creators if they can get noticed. Read on to find some tips for how to get started on the right foot.

1. Impress the IG Algorithm

In an ideal world, Instagram and other social media platforms would have algorithms that really do show users the things they would be most interested in seeing independent of other factors. In the real world, though, the algorithm is most likely to fill feeds with posts that already have growing rates of engagement. The best way to circumvent that problem is to meet the platform in the middle with both high-value content and discounted likes from rushmax.

2. Create and Stick to a Brand Aesthetic

Instagram may have reinvented itself as more than just a photo-sharing tool, but it’s still very visually oriented. Developing a brand aesthetic is a must for anyone who wants to get noticed on Instagram. It should appeal to the brand’s target audience and should remain consistent over time. It’s relevant to mention that people who buy post reach for Instagram can attract more target audience. Lifestyle brands often use bright, eye-catching colors, for example, while fashion brands tend towards sleek, clean imagery.

3. Stay Within a Niche

Not sure who the brand’s target audience is yet? It’s time to take a step back and think about finding a niche. In many cases, it will be very specific, targeting just a subset of people interested in a particular topic, and that’s perfectly fine. It allows content creators to create posts that really speak to their followers’ interests.

Even loyal followers will start to unfollow users if they start seeing content that just doesn’t relate to their interests. Staying within a niche helps to avoid that problem. As a note, it’s also best to keep professional pages targeted and on-brand and leave those beautiful but unrelated photos for personal accounts.

4. Use Hashtags Wisely

Using hashtags is a great way to get noticed, but only if they’re used wisely. There’s little point in trying to rank for extremely popular and competitive hashtags because millions, or even hundreds of millions, of people are using them. It makes more sense to choose those that are most relevant to the brand and its niche. Content creators should also resist the temptation to max out hashtags for each post. It’s more effective to use three to five relevant hashtags than 30 borderline random ones.

5. Know When to Post

Know When to Post

Instagram’s algorithm takes posting time into account when deciding what to show on users’ feeds, so it’s best to post when as many of them are online and active as possible. Thankfully, it’s easy for business account users to check insights about when followers are most active, and that information can help to inform both posting times and content. Just try to space posts out or combine multiple photos into one carousel post.

6. Interact With Followers

People are more likely to visit a profile they’re following if its owner interacts with their content. That can mean responding to comments, sending direct messages, or even addressing followers in live streams. Tag people and places and be sure to interact with followers who share similar content on their posts. It could not only attract some extra attention from their followers but also open up an opportunity for creative collaboration moving forward.

Get Started Now

No one will get noticed on Instagram without taking some initiative. Get started now by beginning to build a following by whatever means possible. Once the page begins to increase in popularity, Instagram’s algorithm will make it easy to create a snowball effect. Implement as many as possible of the tips above at that point to see ever-increasing returns that could eventually boost content creators into the realm of the Insta-famous.

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