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How E-commerce Marketing agencies can improve the Customer Retention Rate

How E-commerce Marketing agencies can improve the Customer Retention Rate

Most eCommerce professionals pay close attention to the processes that occur before placing an online order, trying to predict the behavior of customers in eCommerce  and make the web more practical.  Professionals are trying to understand how the online store behaves after a user makes a purchase.

How to increase the retention rate on your customers in eCommerce?

It is necessary to address the following aspects and develop the work in a comprehensive manner:

#1. Quality of service

Providing consumers with an excellent user experience facilitates customer loyalty. Offering personalized experiences that exceed your expectations throughout the purchase process, directly influences recurring sales and loyalty .

You should also customize the content of email marketing campaigns – automatically – making the customer feel unique.

#2. Position your brand

The intangible results of the work on the brand image can be transferred to a completely measurable plane. Analyze, measure and correct the attitude towards your brand are very important actions in managing its reputation.

You need to position your brand in the mind of the consumer to position yourself as the first option against the competition.

If you work on the trust of your customers in eCommerce and react to the alarm signals on time, then recurring sales will occur in a secure manner.

#3. Loyalty Programs

The loyalty program is an effective channel for recurring sales for an audience that a priori may seem faithful to your proposals if there is no advertising overload. It is necessary to reward your loyalty by offering, offers, promotions and ultimately better purchase conditions, so that you feel special and encourage sales of your business.

#4. Offer more discounts

It may seem simple, but there are not enough companies that offer discounts to their customers. If you are concerned about your profit margins, simply use a marketing strategy that is as old as time. Increase the base price of each product and then put it on sale.

#5. Show your best selling items

Give your customers some reason to buy your products. Show them what people buy the most. Many eCommerce include a category of “best seller” on the home page, an infallible tactic to sell.

#6. Holiday Promotions

Special events are a time when people seek to buy and spend more money than on a normal day of the year. That is why electronic businesses should not miss important dates.

#7. Continuous communication with the client

For the customer to return to your website, you need to remind him who you are. The most that many online stores do today or email and SMS shipments. But there is also a place for personalization and Big Data!

The ability to predict user actions can also be used effectively for communication with customers.

Amazon has patented a technology based on Big Data of order delivery before customers in eCommerce complete the order, allowing to reduce the delivery time. The key to this advance shipping method is the use of Big Data technology based on predictive models of consumer behavior, applicable mainly to mass consumption products.

Knowing the customer through the data that it reveals in their web visits is key to personalization since, knowing a consumer we can also offer the products and services that best suit their tastes and needs, achieving a higher success rate.

Also, You can find more helpful resources at thedigitaltrendz.

The same personalization and predictive marketing approach with the help of eCommerce marketing agency can be used in any other communication channel with customers:

  • SMS notifications.
  • Push messages in mobile applications.
  • CRM / Call Center – calls for purchase offers.
  • Display / RTB – banner campaigns in advertising media.

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