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Dragon Ball Legends Tips & Tricks

Dragon Ball Legends Tips & Tricks

Dragon Ball Legends is a 3D mobile fighting game where you can fight with legendary Dragon Ball fighters throughout its history. Click here to see the best tips and tricks for the game.

Did you buy DBL accounts and don’t know how to play the game? Good! Then you’re ready to jump in and play Dragon Ball Legends with Goku and his friends. Heck, even his enemies! But this game isn’t going to go easy on you. It’ll tell you all the basics and send you off on you own. After that? Absolutely nothing. Not even some valuable tips for progression.

Don’t worry though, as there is a tutorial you can read through to know how to play. But the tutorial doesn’t tell you everything that will help you. That’s why you should check out these tips and tricks for Dragon Ball Legends.

Tips & Tricks

  • Complete all of the Challenges in Stories to get DBL Crystals.

When going through the Stories (which is the main story of Dragon Ball Legends), you will have Challenges to complete. These Challenges are important to clear because they will give you Dragon Ball Legends Crystals, the premium currency of the game. With the Dragon Ball Legends Crystals, you are able to pull characters from banners that are available.

However, bear in mind that some fights will require at least 2 to 3 more retries in order to fully complete the challenges and get all the Crystals. That’s because some Challenges can be specific. For example, one of the Challenges requires at least 2 Vegeta characters. You put 2 Vegetas in your team, but you don’t have a Sparking Vegeta to complete another Challenge.

  • Never do Single Summons, always do Consecutive Summons if you can.

Summoning is how you get units in Dragon Ball Legends. These units will help you progress faster in both PVP and PVE, especially when you get Sparking, Legends, or Ultra units. In order to summon, you will have to either use Crystals or tickets that will be given to you by playing the game or purchasing them in the game.

The problem that most players make is that they immediately spend the resources they have by doing Single Summons. While the gacha system is entirely luck based, it’s still a good idea to do Consecutive Summons to get more than one unit from each summon.

  • Utilize Training.

The game has a energy system, so if that empties, you’re not going to be able to do anything. While waiting for that to recharge, consider using the Training feature in the game. Here you can train your units that you are unable to train because you are busy training other characters by using them in fights. The best part is, you can train them WHILE playing.

As you progress deeper into the game, the game becomes more and more generous by giving you a ton of items used for Training. The best training item is the Gold Bells, which gives you a lot of XP while only needing 3 minutes to train the unit. But if have the Training Time ½ event, then you will only have to wait 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Now that you know these tips and tricks, it’s time for you to get an account from a reliable site and jump into the game and have fun with Dragon Ball characters.

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