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How to Download Videos from Twitter Step by Step

Twitter is a platform for a wide range of content. It’s easy to save a picture or a text from Twitter, however video download for Twitter is a little bit harder. Regardless of whether you’re utilizing a PC or cell phone, here are a couple of straightforward steps on the most proficient method to download videos from Twitter so you can watch them at whatever point and any place you would like. Aside from downloading videos from Twitter you can also download and export Twitter followers list and following list for free at

There are a lot of reasons why you may be hoping to download a video from Twitter, however how you go do it relies upon what gadget you are utilizing. From a PC or laptop, you need to utilize a devoted Twitter video downloader site. Mobile phone clients, then again, will think that it’s more straightforward to introduce an application to download Twitter videos.

How to Download Videos from Twitter step by step

  1. Open your preferred internet browser and go to It is not necessary to log in.
  2. Look for the tweet with the video you intend to download to your device.
  3. At the date of the tweet right-click; that is what we call permalink.
  4. A menu will pop up. Select copy link address option. After that, the address of the tweet will be saved to your PC’s clipboard.
  5. Go to
  6. Paste the tweet’s website address in the field on the website by right-clicking and selecting the paste option. In the case of windows, press Ctrl+V and if it is Mac press Command+V.
  7. Press enter and two buttons will pop up with options to download the Twitter video. The options are MP4 HD for a high-resolution version and MP4 for a low-resolution version.
  8. After choosing the type of download, right-click the new button that showed up. It will say right-click here and select save link as.

Remember that these guidelines are for chrome browser and they work the same for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Other internet browsers may work differently for the same action.

How to Download Twitter Videos on Android

Saving a twitter video to an android device needs you to install any additional application, unlike the computer method. However, it is also simple and can be done quickly.

  1. On your android device, download the free +Download application. This application is needed for saving Twitter videos so that you can play them offline.
  2. Look for the tweet containing the video you intend to save or share. This is after you have opened the official Twitter app.
  3. The moment you find it, tap the share option underneath the video, and afterward pick Share Tweet through.
  4. A list will appear with the +Download application and other apps where the video can be shared to. Tap the +Download application and the video will be downloaded automatically.

If the video doesn’t begin downloading consequently, tap the download button. You may likewise need to allow it to store recordings on your gadget; select Allow in case you are told.

How to Download Twitter Videos on iPhone and iPad

iPad and iPhone users have to spare more time to download videos from Twitter unlike android and other users. The process is a little bit complicated and time-consuming.

  1. First, you need to install the free MyMedia application on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Sign in to the official Twitter app and look for the tweet with the video you want to download.
  3. Tap on the tweet so that it’s video and fills the whole screen. Make sure you do not tap any hashtags and links in the tweet
  4. Below the tweet, close to the heart symbol, there is an icon similar to an arrow pointing out of the box. Tap on that icon.
  5. Tap share tweet through.
  6. Tap copy link. The tweet’s URL will be saved to your iPad or iPhone’s clipboard.
  7. Now close the twitter application and proceed to opening the MyMedia app.
  8. From the bottom menu, tap browser.
  9. There is a field at the top of the application. On that field type then tap go. This stacks a site inside the MyMedia application.
  10. Look down the website page until you see a field that says Enter Video. Tap on this field and a cursor will pop up, tap and hold your finger on it briefly and remove so that a Paste alternative shows up.
  11. Paste the tweet’s URL into the field by tapping the paste option and tap on the download option next to the field.
  12. The web page will load again and give you many download links for the Twitter video in different resolutions and sizes. Tap on the one you wish to download.
  13. The moment you tap on a download link, a list of options will show up. Tap on the download file option and type the write the name of the downloaded twitter video.
  14. Tap media on the menu at the bottom. Your downloaded video will show on this screen.
  15. ap on the Twitter video’s file name.
  16. Another list of options will show up. Tap on the option with save to camera roll to save your video to your iPad or iPhone.


Is it illegal to download Twitter videos?

it is not unlawful and limited to download video or photos. But, you can get in a difficult situation with copyright encroachments in case you choose to share them all alone. You ought to get the first proprietor’s assent first.

Can you save videos from Twitter direct messages?

TWSaveDM allows you to save video files from Twitter direct messages. The Twitter direct message allows you to receive and send videos and photos.

Can I get copyrighted on Twitter?

Copyright can protect tweets. In most cases a tweet can be protected if the following requirements are met: The substance must be unique to its creator, which means the articulation can’t be duplicated from another person, and it must have in any event a negligible measure of innovativeness.


Sharing and watching videos on Twitter is very simple however saving them to a PC, android device or iPhone is not impossible but it needs you to go an extra mile. Downloading on a PC is the easiest and downloading on an iPhone or iPad is the hardest but all is possible. Video download for twitter is harder but by following the guidelines above you are good to go.

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