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Do scratchcards have better odds than slots online?

Do scratchcards have better odds than slots online?

Do scratchcards have better odds than slots online

Scratch cards are incredibly popular instant games that players can buy, they are arguably the most popular form of instant game available. One thing that instant game players wonder is if the scratchcard offers better odds than no deposit free slots do.


Scratchcards are simple instant games that players can usually purchase for a small sum of money, sometimes they cost as little as a pound. These cards are fun for players as they have to scratch away and reveal whether they managed to get a winning combination. The odds of winning a scratch card can vary depending on which one you are using, with some scratch cards offering favourable odds whilst others have much tighter odds. Another thing to remember about scratch cards is that although they aren’t as entertaining as slot games, they can still offer players the chance to win a huge amount of money. Sometimes, players who have won on a scratch card receive thousands of pounds!

Online slots

Online slots are similar to instant games in the way that they are instantly accessible to players so long as they have an internet connection, despite this similarity, there are many other differences between the games.

  • Online slots are a much longer form of betting. Although you get the instant satisfaction of knowing with a scratch card, online slots require players to use a little more of a strategy. This is because it is a more unique betting setting, it is not as straightforward as a scratchcard.
  • Online slots are similarly accessible as instant games, this is because they are available to play on a player’s mobile phone. This essentially means that as long as a player has a decent wifi connection they will be able to access their favourite games.
  • The payout amount that players receive from online slots are arguably greater than instant games, as the player will be betting much higher amounts. One of the most popular parts of online slot gaming is the progressive jackpot, this jackpot is incredibly well known for making players millionaires!

Why are scratchcards so popular

Scratchcards are incredibly popular, there is no doubt about it. There are many reasons why they have become so well loved by the gambling community.

  1. Instant win – With scratch cards, there is no waiting around. Players will instantly find out whether they have won anything. This is particularly advantageous if you are a player who is always on the go and doesn’t have time to sit around playing slot games.
  2. Easy to use – One of the things that people love about scratchcards is how easy they are, everybody knows the rules, their name pretty much explains all there is to them.

Final Thoughts

Although it may seem that scratchcards offer better odds than slot machines, the truth is that this depends on which slot you are using. Some slot games will offer players much more favourable odds than others, always check the RTP and volatility of a game to make sure before playing it.

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