As you probably know, DNS resolution is an extremely important process, and more and more companies with online presence search for ways to make this process as fast as possible! Yes, time is a crucial factor when it comes to improving your website! So, let’s briefly explain what DNS is and what is the meaning of DNS resolution!

DNS explained

DNS is the short acronym for Domain Name System, which is a global decentralized naming system, and it also has a multi-level hierarchical structure. The primary purpose of DNS is to connect domain names to their corresponding IP addresses. It is really beneficial for regular users. They do not have to remember long and difficult IP addresses, instead they can use simple and easy-to-use domain names to connect to their preferred websites.

DNS resolution

DNS resolution is the behind the scene process that the Domain Name System (DNS) implements to resolve domain names to their IP addresses. Getting the IP address behind a domain name takes many steps, and it begins with a simple user’s DNS query for a particular website. Then, the Recursive DNS server receives it and searches for the needed information. The process continues through different DNS servers on different levels, including the Root server, the TLD (Top Level Domain) servers, and the Authoritative DNS server for the specific domain name. Each one of these servers keeps original data and stores the most updated information about the domain. Once the required IP address is found, it is sent back to the user’s device in the form of an A record (IPv4 address) or AAAA record (IPv6 address).

Why is DNS resolution important?

Here are two reasons why the DNS resolution is crucial for your online presence:

  • Speed – When a user is visiting your website, the first thing it is going to notice is exactly how fast the DNS resolution is. In case it requires a lot of time to load and access your content, the user is most likely going to leave your website. Nobody wants that! That is why it is highly important to make sure the DNS resolution process is as quick as possible.
  • Availability – As a website owner, you should provide to the users that want to visit your page a name server that is reliable and able to handle all of the incoming requests. In that case, an additional DNS service is a perfect opportunity to guarantee your domain will always be available for your visitors.

How to speed up the process?

You are probably wondering how you can make the DNS resolution process quicker and effortless. The answer is super easy, and it is an Anycast DNS service!

Anycast DNS is a simple routing mechanism that operates with several name servers positioned in different geographical locations. All of them store the very same IP address for a precise domain name, and each of them can provide it. That means the DNS data (DNS records) for your domain name is stored not on one but on multiple name servers.

That way, when a user makes a request to visit your domain, the closest DNS server will reply with the needed information. If that server is not functioning, the second closest and available server will answer.

With Anycast DNS, you will notice a massive positive effect regarding loading time, time for waiting for a response, and the overall user experience.

How to start using Anycast DNS?

You can find Anycast DNS service as one of the features in many paid DNS plans. That is why it is significantly important to choose a DNS hosting provider with a good reputation, like ClouDNS, Namecheap, and Cloudflare. They are well-known and trustworthy.

Their paid plans offer an amazing stack of advanced features that are going to improve the uptime, speed, and performance of your domain name. Some of them are more DNS records, DNS zones, and an increased number of DNS queries.

Anycast DNS service is on top of the list of amazing advanced features. However, once you start using it, you will notice how fast and straightforward your DNS resolution is going to be!


The DNS resolution is a process that highly affects the user experience. If that process is too slow, you will lose your potential customers. Choose Anycast DNS service to improve the speed of your domain name and eliminate any worries!