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Top 5 Web Development Frameworks

Top 5 Web Development Frameworks

The online community has been taking up the market by a blow. And in such times of digitalization, it would be utterly ridiculous to think your business could bloom without any proper online foundation.

Well, a website is the best existing alternative for carving out your business’s online presence. Websites have been a subject of interest for several years now. Many companies try to mold websites to extract the profits they desire while others experiment with them to drive in new customers.

The modern-day web development

Web development is a crucial aspect of engraving out any business’s identity. Thus, as a business person, you should expect your website to mark a unique impression. And this is what makes dealing with modern-day customers via web development means a real grind.

As a  present-day business person, you should fabricate a website that goes beyond a mere collaboration of webpages with decorative hypertexts. You should create something that will fascinate your target customers, represent your work and, at the same time, subtly promote your content.

A currently run digital world demands more than just an unmitigated online existence. In order to sustain your business, you need to align yourself with immensely:

  • the twistedly prevalent trends
  • Mold your presence with the audience’s demands
  • Exhibit an exclusive online show
  • Provide content that is relevant to current market trends

Therefore, maintaining an avant-garde layout web development stream could be challenging. Thankfully the Brights web developers are aware of this prevailing website trend. Therefore try their best to provide you with the bliss of possessing a unique website that remarkably carves your majestic online presence.

Prerequisites of designing a website

Before any developer begins to design your wondrously charming website, they will have you decide on a framework. The website framework should align with the modern layout with advanced graphics and interface. Otherwise, your website could be discarded as obsolete HTML pages by the users.

Thus you will have to choose a framework that works the best in accordance with your plans and the advanced layout. However, there are several applications that quiz you and consequently tell you which web development framework you should go for. These websites roughly run on algorithms that provide near about results.

The bottom line is that as a client, you should be knowledgeable enough to institute yourself in this realm of web development. You should set your foot into the web development regime and learn about frameworks. Only then will you be able to choose from them. So here is a list of the top five web development frameworks according to 2020.


The Webix JS library was introduced in 2013. Since that time it has become an advanced and

extensive online JavaScript library. Its high-quality HTML5 tools aim to facilitate the process of web development.

The library includes 100+ widgets and UI components to provide the developers with convenient tools for creating unique interfaces. The wide variety of widgets can be used in data visualization, building reports, pivot tables, charts and graphs. The Webix library is the brainchild of XB Software, a full-service company that develops customized corporate solutions with extensive UX.

Webix can easily suit any type of business. It is light and fast. Besides, it offers a detailed documentation, responsive support service and a wide community of users. All those significantly speed up the development and save time and money.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails, a 2005 emerged framework that is famously referred to as RoR, has been developer-friendly ever since its launch. Many developers in 2005 were  inclined towards its use as:

  • It is open source
  • Completely free to use
  • Runs on Linux

The RoR has a quick response mechanism; it can transfer you to the development stage from the structural stage in a snap. The most significant conquests of the RoR Web development framework includes:

  • Hulu
  • Airbnb
  • Basecamp etc.


This Web development was precisely cut out for the modern-day business holders. It is suitable for projects with interconnected intricate branches. This Web development framework extends the facility of a dynamic organization.

Every business is subject to change over time. All industries evolve with eras and century turns, and so does their digital footprint. Therefore, Symfony offers the developers to mold the websites according to evolutions with time. Symfony can be used to create dynamically laid out websites that will certainly update themselves over time.

It is this feature of Symfony that makes it one of the best web development frameworks in 2020. The website runs on:

  • a set of PHP components
  • a web community
  • an application based framework

Angular JS

AngularJS is one of the exquisitely advanced Web development frameworks that branches out from Google.

This web development framework is a Javascript-based organisation that creates single web page applications. It is more likely to be used with e-commerce sites where it offers excellency as a toolkit.

It creates websites through Model-Controller-View or MVA, which is a moderately advanced architectural pattern. It cannot be referred to as a full-stack development framework, but it is undoubtedly the best front-end development framework.

React JS

React JS is yet another Javascript based web development framework that supports e-commerce site creations. This development framework is run by Facebook and organized by a dozen web developer communities.

Although this framework has an image of only creating e-commerce based websites, it can aptly be used to extend user interface facilities. Moreover, many developers put it in the application as a user interface tool in various other web applications.

Adding to it, there have been many news reports that React is launching an advanced React JS algorithm through an application called React Fibre. Thus, adding React JS to your commercial websites would target your customers through algorithms via ad displays and pop-ups.

Hence, to take advantage of the advanced algorithm of React JS and target your customers via the ad displays, hire React JS Developers and see wonders happening.

Cake PHP

PHP frameworks have been in the market for quite some time now. These frameworks have engraved their positions and marked their niche in the developing region a long time ago.

And if the developers are asked about their favorites amongst the PHP based frameworks, nearly all would shout Cake PHP in unison. Cake PHP has remained the preferred version of PHP for developers since 2011.

PHP frameworks work best when it comes to creating e-commerce based websites. Cake PHP is regarded as the best-written tool in PHP format for the graphics and interface it offers. Moreover, it is a foundation of Model-Controller-View, which turns out to be a moderately advanced architectural pattern that extends reputable websites.

So far, the best function that Cake PHP offers is the reusability of code. It saves up all your older projects in memory and suggests the old written codes whenever it senses a match to previous ones. This ends up saving a lot of time. This is why cake PHP wraps up projects faster when compared to other frameworks.

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