Bespoke Software Definition

Bespoke software is an essential factor in each company. You, as the owner of your own company, you should send custom software. Because you can not walk using commercial software of any kind.

Some reasons I explained to them in the previous Custom Software article, mentioning some possible errors. And even the lack of optimization of functions by commercial software. And, it is also known as Custom Software.

Custom Software is one that adapts to the needs of your company, which has the necessary features and the optimization that you need to provide a better service to your customers.

Several factors contribute, but let’s see some advantages and benefits that custom software can offer you.

Bespoke Software Uses

The custom software indicated by your name customizes to the last detail. Within the custom software, we find certain elements present in 80% of the solutions contracts of programming companies. These are:

    • ERP Applications: Custom software allows specialization for environments that encompass different business processes to make work profitable, optimize resources, and increase profits.
    • Inclusion of a dashboard or strategic management system to allow companies to know and measure the company’s activity globally.
  • Documentary managers and web applications that generate services to users and integrates with web pages.
  • The custom software also contains CRM applications which companies use that require exceptional control and monitoring of customers, database segmentation, and customer service.
  • Facebook applications: Virtualis, we set ourselves the objective that our customized software is the one that suits the company and not the company to the program. This way, you can make the most of your custom software from day one.

Bespoke Software Features

A Special Software

Custom Software is not only a whim, and also a system designed especially for your company. Software¬†that facilitates the work and also increases the speed in which it works, so a special and unique software for your business It is the best option. With no useless functions, or strange buttons that you don’t know, so they work.

Reduction of Costs and Times

One of the main advantages of having Custom Software is cost savings, especially when it comes to labor. But, also, time optimization is essential, because, with a unique system for you, you can save ampule of time. Which, you can use to improve other aspects of your company and even to continue growing it.

Employee/Boss Satisfaction

Undoubtedly with specialized software, satisfaction will be something unquestionable. Starting with the employee, who will feel more comfortable and safe working with a system focused only and absolutely on the functions of the company.

Custom software

Error Reduction and Productivity Increase: Two things go hand in hand; the number of mistakes made with the custom software will be much smaller, which will generate an increase in the productivity of your company.

This will also increase sales, of this form the profitability of your business and the income will show you that with the particular software you have made a significant investment.

A Total Control of your Company: With custom software, you can request what you need. Therefore, if you need to have total control over everything that enters and leaves your company, this will be possible. So, you will not miss anything, and you can always be calm, Remember that it is error-proof. But mainly, it is a customized system to execute all the processes of the company. And help in the solution of errors that may occur.


Custom Software is indispensable for any company, regardless of its size. And, it will allow you to enjoy significant advantages, highlighting the optimization of times and the increase in sales and profits.

It is dedicated and specialized software for the needs of your business, which makes few mistakes and generates satisfaction in your employees.

A Customized Software will always be far superior to any commercial software as this adapts to the functions and characteristics of your company. And, will be able to deal with all aspects and problems of the company. Something that the software Generic is not able to do.