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What is a Subdomain? – Definition, Uses, Features and More

What is a Subdomain? – Definition, Uses, Features and More

Subdomain Definition

A subdomain is an extension of the domain name that is used to organize different sections of a website. And also that works independently.

In a subdomain, a series of letters or words are added before the domain separated by a period.
For example, the domain of this website is

Now, imagine that I want to install a forum for users to discuss topics related to web design.

For example:

I could install it at the address

But you could also create a subdomain called and install it there.

In this way, it would work as an independent site to the rest of the web. I could only have the forum with nothing on

On the other hand, if I installed it at the address It would be one more page, and I would live with the rest of the web content.

If there is a training course as a part of the forum, then we can create the subdomain And set up the course platform there, without disturbing anything in the main domain.

Typically, good hosting allow you to install as many subdomains as you need without any limits (or with such a high ceiling that you will never reach it).

Domains with good authority are called high domain authority sites. To increase domain authority businesses uses domain authority services.

Subdomain Uses

A subdomain can be an essential ally to improve the traffic of a site, if it is used correctly.
Under no aspect a subdomain should be created that redirect to the same site as the primary domain.

On the other hand, if within site you have different sections, but none represents unusual traffic. It is preferable to keep the parts within the main domain and not create a subdomain.

On the other hand, if you have a content page and want to add a forum to interact with your visits or if you have a sales page where you offer different services/products that have different sections within each one, you do need a subdomain.

But beware! Choosing a subdomain requires that some crucial aspects have to be taken into account:

Use short names

When creating a subdomain, what you are doing is adding another word to your primary domain, so the extension of the area will increase. Therefore it is advisable that the word that will occupy the subdomain be short and straightforward.

Work with words and originality

The best way to make someone remember how to enter your subdomain directly is to help their memory, and for that, there is no wordplay. At the same time, it is essential to be original and use keywords that generalize what they will find there.

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Subdomain Features

Now that you know what a subdomain is and you have the keys to create it. It is time to know some of its features

Find the principal axes

Knowing the great topics that contain your site will let you know which subdomains to register. For example, if you own a unisex clothing store, you can create a subdomain that is and another so that everyone can enter directly there. The same goes for sports, news, sales, etc. portals

Difference to the authors

If your site is about opinions or writers, you can take advantage of the subdomains so that everyone has their own space within the site. If the authors are just a part of the content offered on the website, you can also solve it by creating a subdomain that is and there to organize everyone who writes.

Separate the content of the sale

Content marketing is increasingly common in companies, and it is often shocking for a potential customer to enter a site interested in news and find that it is a sales portal. That is why many companies choose to differentiate the content of the products/services they offer, to gain the trust of visitors and give them the possibility to choose what they want to do within site.

And Finally, it is essential to highlight that the traffic generated by a subdomain will mean an increase in the traffic of the main page, so creating a good strategy and using the subdomains correctly will improve the positioning of your site in searches.

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