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What Does a Project Engineer do? – Definition, Skills and More

What Does a Project Engineer do? – Definition, Skills and More

Project Engineer

A Project Engineer has project technicians for engineering projects in industry and the planning of auxiliary projects in building and construction works.

The drafting of projects that we carry out links to planning the assembly and installation in work centers of all types of fall protection systems and structures for lifting personnel.

An engineering designer is understood as being more linked to the approval, certification, automation of processes. And an adaptation of work equipment and machinery to current safety regulations.

Work as a Project Engineer

A series of concrete skills will be necessary, such as a high analytical capacity and calculation of objectives and yields.

You must be an organized, methodical person to control documentation processes of all the actions that must be carried out in the project. And the calculation of offers and budgets for profitable and efficient projects.

Research of products, processes, methods, machinery, etc.

Also, today these types of professionals are usually considered as “Project Managers”. Since they must control equipment and calculate their performance.

Communication skills are a plus when interacting with the work team, in addition to having to deal with professionals and contractors every day.


  • As we mentioned, much of the work of a Construction project tracking or industry project technician will be the management of design software such as SolidWorks or AutoCAD.
  • Besides, these types of professions usually require stays abroad for visits to companies, factories, and companies.
  • Finally, you must have a good base of English. Or a language that helps you communicate with both your team and foreign suppliers and customers.


The designer of a project under construction, engineering or civil works is the agent who is responsible. According to the Building Planning Law and commissioned by a promoter. To write the work plan or “work project” following the laws in force

The latter can write the project in its entirety, or there may be different designers. Who are partially responsible for the presentation of these work documents that serve as a road map at the time of execution.

Each drafted project plan will have ownership, and therefore the authorship, merit, and civil responsibility of its author, the designer.


Under the Royal Decree, a work planner must:

  • Have the academic and professional qualifications of architect, technical architect, engineer or technical engineer. As appropriate and comply with the conditions required for the exercise of the profession.
  • Perform its project drafting functions by current regulations, as established in the contract with the developer.
  • I agree with the promoter of the work, the hiring of other designers, and partial collaborations for the drafting of the project.

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