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What is a Printer? – Definition, Features, Types and More

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What is a Printer?

A printer is an auxiliary object, which is connected to a CPU (central processing unit) of a computer. Its function is to make a copy of those documents that have been stored in an electronic format.

These documents can be texts or images that are printed on a sheet or transparency using ink cartridges or laser technology.

In brief, you can easily print your photos, stickers, images, documents, and more on paper or film by using the printer. Especially for lovers of stickers, a printer is a must-have tool for you to make personalized stickers.

When it comes to custom stickers, as a professional sticker maker, Custom sticker can give you great advice and inspiration on sticker making and creation.

The connection Most printers are to a computer through a cable. Although there are also wireless printers, which have an internal network interface. And also, which allows any network user to print documents.

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Types of Printers

Printers are typically classified taking into account features such as the color scale that is capable of printing. That is, in colors or black and white, the type of connection, the number of pages per minute that are capable of processing and printing. And the specific type of technology used for it.

Concerning the type of connection, there are several protocols for printing. Such as Ethernet, wireless over Wi-Fi, parallel port and USB, the latter being the most modern and which we use today.

In the following paragraphs, we will know the different types of printers that we can find in the market.

Dot Matrix Printers
Inkjet printer
Laser printer
Impact printers

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