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What is a POC [Proof of Concept]? – Definition, Uses, Features and More

What is a POC [Proof of Concept]? – Definition, Uses, Features and More

POC Definition

POC is a acronym of proof of concept. Fundamentally an implementation of an idea or a program that is carried out in summarized way. Its purpose is none other than to verify that it is possible to exploit any of these elements in a useful method for the company. Especially, when it comes to multi-site SMEs, that is, small and medium-sized businesses that operate in a decentralized manner.

As a general rule, this type of test is considered essential when creating a prototype of a valid operation. Amazon Web Services, for example, makes it easier for its users (through partners like apser) to launch a PoC. It allows them to test the services of their need in a cloud environment.

It is necessary to start from the base. From an IT and IT security environment, an application or system that is unstable offline, does not have to be stable by merely migrating to the cloud. Testing is necessary to ensure that the system will work correctly in the new environment.

POC Uses

A pivotal element to exploit zero-day vulnerabilities

In the IT security sector, the concept of zero-day vulnerabilities is prevalent. They have the peculiarity of maintaining an unknown operation that requires the realization of proof of concept. And also to understand them within specific equipment or system.

In other words, when an application or system is going to implement in the cloud, a test of this type is carried out against it. It happens using malicious software ‘code’ to know its vulnerabilities to subsequently resolve them. And be able to publish a stable version.

These proofs of concept result in obtaining those known as zero-day protection mechanisms. Generally, these are patches or virus signatures that prevent the dreaded ‘exploit’ from occurring. In this way, it is achieved that the system is safe and stable and that users can use it without any risk.

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Features of proof of concept

The tests of theory adapt and improve the ideas so that they have a higher potential of acceptance in the market.

Specifically, proof of concept

They evaluate the relative or absolute attractiveness of an alternative idea, configuration, or position of a product.

POC indicate which are the specific segments of the population that attracts the product.

POC provide the necessary information for the development of the product, as well as for its promotion, distribution, and price determination.

Concept tests offer conclusions to design a better product or service. Also, they allow you to evaluate the success of these new product ideas before others do it. The best time to carry out the concept tests is with the concept already ready. And also, includes the characteristics of the product, the desired positioning, and the personality of the intended brand.

Concept tests evaluate the central idea through a storyboard, sketches, graphics, or even a product model.

Another essential function of the PoC is to mitigate the financial risks of the manufacturer. Since it would be too expensive to convert each idea into a product and market it. And also, this would be a failure, due to the tremendous economic losses that they would entail.

Concept tests allow manufacturers to focus on the effort required by a new product. It happens with ideas that have the most significant potential to succeed in the market. It refers to the commercial viability forecasts and market shares that are often required to finance it


PoCs are incredibly useful and essential tools for AWS and any other company. And, it would not be possible without them to determine if a system is secure and is subject to particular vulnerabilities. You have to keep in mind that, in general, the companies are usually associates with valuable information that must protect at all costs.

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