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What is a PC Technician? –  Definition, Requirements, and More

What is a PC Technician? – Definition, Requirements, and More

PC Technician Definition

A PC technician is a person in charge of maintenance, supervision, repair, script creation, automation of tasks on servers and their operating systems.

The technical systems program focuses on making its students fit to work in programming, computer center operator, backup, maintenance, and installation of computer networks, hardware, software, cleaning, and diagnosis of computers.

It is carried out during a study plan, In which test includes practices and tutorials where such knowledge.

A systems technician can perform corrective, preventive, and proactive maintenance to improve equipment performance and support on network devices such as routers, access points in the wired or wireless network.

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What are the tasks most commonly performed by a PC technician?

  1. Solve configuration problems or malfunction of the Operating System.
  2. Install an Operating System and configure it.
  3. Install programs and Drivers.
  4. Eradicate computer viruses.
  5. Build a computer and leave it functional.
  6. Detect a component that is malfunctioning and replace it.
  7. Maintenance and optimization
  8. To add hardware items to a pc that is working correctly or not
  9. Read a lot to study the free point net.
  10. Give some explanation of how to use the PC or some program.

What requirements must an excellent PC technician meet?


  • Of course, your work will have a sizeable theoretical component. It requires that your computer technician have official accreditation.
  • Otherwise, you could be betting on labor intrusion and not enjoy all the benefits associated with quality training.

Complementary training

  • Not only must you take into account the basic knowledge of the sector, but you must bet on those professionals who have gone beyond and have specialized in tasks of companies such as yours.
  • In this way, you will know that you can Resolve any situation that comes your way.

Continuous training

  • A good technician of this type is the one who knows that he never knows enough and that he is committed to a constant learning process.
  • Computer science is a sector that advances at a breakneck pace, so you must be always up to date with the latest trends and apply them in your daily work.


  • When a PC technician has faced very different situations, he has acquired the necessary skills to continue applying that knowledge.
  • However, those newly graduated technicians are also an exciting alternative.
  • since they will do everything on their part to achieve the most excellent satisfaction from their customers.

Analytical capacity

  • One of the essential functions of a sound technician is to identify the problems that may arise, and for this, not only training and experience.
  • And also, other aptitudes specific to his personality, such as the ability to resolve or the imagination when looking for solutions.

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