What is a Network Technician? – Definition, Functions and More

Network Technician Definition

The Network Technician is a professional specialized in the design and implementation of WAN and LAN networks by handling different devices. (hubs, switches, routers, bridges).

What are the missions of the systems and networks technician?
The systems and networks technician has different missions. In addition, the main purpose is to ensure the proper functioning of tools and computer equipment.

When a computer system malfunctions, it must be able to establish a diagnosis and provide appropriate solutions to the incident observed. And also, he is there to advise users to help them during a possible failure.

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A network technician must work with network equipment and cabling to be certain that users receive the best possible quality of service.

In large companies, the network technician can act under the authority of a network administrator or a network engineer who knows the company’s network architecture perfectly.

According to the companies, the range of intervention of the technician can vary between the following fields: control of the network activity, response at the cable level (especially in the connection ports), configuration of the network equipment (for example, the router, hub, etc.). Network security analysis, working together with the after-sales services departments of the companies that distribute network hardware.

If severe damage occurs, the [network technician] should be able to assess the problem and, if necessary, call a specialist.


The [network technician] must have extensive knowledge of the main types of cables, equipment, and protocols used in the networks. Also, the spirit of systematic analysis is essential to diagnose the cause of technical problems, network congestion, or packet loss.

What is the role of the systems and networks technician?
The role of the systems and [network technician] is to ensure the proper functioning of a business. Indeed, its role is to control both the computer park but also the entire telecommunication network of its company.

What is the salary of a network technician?

The salary of a network technician generally varies between 24,000 euros ($ 27,000) and 36,000 euros ($ 41,000) annually.

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