Network Engineer Definition

A Network Engineer is trained to design, maintain and manage networks where information circulates. And also, his training is based on knowledge of Information Technology and Communications (ICT), which is why it defines as a career in constant growth and evolution. it is also known as a telecommunication engineer.

What skills should a network engineer possess?

A network engineer must have extensive knowledge of the network and telecommunications systems (infrastructure, cabling, protocols, administration tools, security, etc.)

In addition to the interpersonal and organizational skills of a project manager to coordinate the technical teams. You could also get involved in hiring teams of technicians.

A telecommunications engineer must have experience in many fields of expertise, for example, electronics, computer science, transmission techniques, and basic business management concepts.

Examples of Network Engineer skills

  • Degree in Information Technology or related field.
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certificate required.
  • Preferred CompTIA network certifications.
  • More than five years of experience in the management of sophisticated computer networks.
  • More than three years of experience in architecture and network implementation.


  1. Maintain the necessary data transfer speed by controlling network activity and maintaining existing equipment.
  2. Maintain the company’s telephone system and work closely with the telephone service provider to keep the lines active.
  3. Respond to network connectivity problems and resolve any wireless communication problems within office limits.
  4. Update the network maintenance manual and submit a summary of the changes made in the manual weekly to management.
  5. Collaborate with the support of third parties and service providers to ensure that the network remains operational.

What is the salary of a network engineer?

The salary of a network engineer can vary between 36,000 and 50,000 euros per year (41,000 and 65,000 dollars per year), depending on his experience and also, the magnitude and complexity of the company’s network.

Telecommunication Engineer Competencies

Network and communications management: Responsible for analyzing, planning and executing network activities and equipment.

Emerging technologies: Identify and evaluate the utilities of new technologies in the area to apply them within the organizational scope.

Operation and projects: Install and ensure that all network resources work efficiently. It will also manage the stages of various network projects.