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What is a Network Administrator? Definition, Skills, Recruitment and More

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Network Administrator

A Network Administrator is the individual who, in a company is responsible for the proper functioning and optimization of the network of the structure. In addition, his tasks include managing the physical cabling of the network, its good routing.

That is the smooth flow of intangible information. Ensuring the security of the network and managing the different user accounts and access rights.

Qualities and Skills Needed

What are the qualities and skills needed to be hired as a network administrator?

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Education and Training

What training and how to become a network administrator?

Evolution and Recruitments

What to do and where to go after a network administrator career?
Once proven, a [network administrator] can evolve to positions of telecommunications manager, network architect, but also leave the framework of a single company to become a consultant or business engineer.

Which companies can recruit a [Network Administrator]?
The network administrator can virtually exercise wherever there is a more or less complex network to install or upgrade. And also in practice, it can hire within a company, a government structure, or an association. Besides, it can even be employed by an external service company that will contract it with various client organizations.

Salary of a Network Administrator

What salary and how much does a network administrator earn?
The salary of a [network administrator] ranges from 32,000 to 48,000 euros, depending on the level of experience and the sector.

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