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What is MHz (megahertz)? Definition, Uses and More

What is MHz (megahertz)? Definition, Uses and More

MHz Definition

The term MHz( megahertz) is a unit of measure for frequency. One cycle per second is one hertz, and one megahertz is the equivalent of one million hertz.

  • Frequency is essential for measuring a wide range of electromagnetic signals and waves, including bands for radio broadcasts and clock speed on computers. Hertz can be used in the plural and singular.
  • As it has been said, it is the unit of measure for frequenting, which counts the cycles completed in one second. In fact, before the implementation of the term hertz, these measurements were made in “cycles per second,” and the term “megacycle” was used.
  • We have already seen that an MHz is one million hertz, or we can also determine it as one million cycles per second. The use of these different unit sizes is in various fields, with science being the most popular.

Scientists measure the sound, light, frequency of radio waves, and electromagnetic radiation in hertz. The sound usually reaches hundreds of thousands of hertz, while scientists usually measure physical vibrations in megahertz.


Radio frequencies generally include a wide range of values. Different types of light and rays, such as gamma rays, are measured in higher ranges and are usually described in terms of wavelength.

The use of MHz is also to describe the speed of our computer’s CPU. Each function of a computer has instructions that must be processed by a computer. The CPU sends these instructions at a certain number of cycles per second, which is called clock speed.

High speeds indicate more cycles per second, which means that the computer can perform operations much faster. Computer companies also use megahertz to measure the clock speed of other components, such as video cards.

Use the software on a computer that consumes many graphics. Such as playing video games, video editing, etc. – can give a lot of work to the CPU. Today, graphics cards have a processor called GPU that handles these operations, which allows the computer to use both processors for each program.

When high megahertz means better speed and performance, having a powerful CPU and modern graphics cards is something that improves many of the things we have on our computer. You can now ask where the word “hertz” comes from. The truth is that it comes from a German scientist who contributed to the study of electromagnetism.

Processor Speed in MHz

When we talk about computer processors, a hertz is a CPU cycle. These cycles are the frequency with which the CPU executes instructions.

  • In general terms, the MHz measure the speed at which a processor executes the tasks sent by the user. However, measuring modern computer processors are at frequencies of GHz (gigahertz).
  • CPUs with a higher processing frequency, execute the instructions more quickly. The faster the CPU processes the instructions, and the more sensitive and efficient the computer will be.
  • The speed in MHz should not be the only feature to consider when assessing the possibility of buying a processor. Other devices affect processor performance.
  • The processor speed in MHz gives the measure of how many millions of cycles per second a given processor can perform.

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