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What is iCloud? – Definition, Features, Functions, And More

Definition iCloud

iCloud got released along with iOS 5, the new edition of Apple’s operating system. Apple users have the option to update their old operating system with the brand new iOS 5. It is a platform that brings with it many new features and that this time stands out for having an unpublished tool. iCloud, a new Apple system to enable cloud storage, is a delight for users who have multiple devices in their possession. It can be an iPhone, an iPad, and even a desktop computer where they work or invest their leisure time.

iCloud is a sophisticated cloud storage system that aims to give you access to the information that you have stored online through all your devices. It means that you can download songs from your computer, and these will be saved in iCloud. So that you can later listen to them from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, for example. The same will happen with your photos, your applications, email, calendars, etc. The contents get saved alone, and the synchronization goes to a better life. iCloud is a manager that works in the cloud for you.

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What does the iCloud offer?

iCloud is already on all devices that have iOS 5. It includes your Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad, as long as you have already updated them. So, when you access, you will already have 5 GB of free space, not counting the storage of photos, music, and applications at Apple’s expense. You have 5 GB to save documents and other files that you want to have in the cloud. If you want, you can expand your storage capacity. You will have to check how these GB spread to you. However, 10 GB costs 16 euros per year; 20 GB, 32 euros a year, and 50 GB, 80 euros. Study the possibilities and see what is best for you. The options are varied.

The problem with Apple is they have designed the tool for users of the devices of the firm. In this way, you will have to jump over some other obstacle before installing this tool, especially if you have the Windows operating system. If you are one of the latter, we recommend that you strictly follow the instructions that Apple offers to start iCloud on your PC. Of course, you will have to forget about it if you work on any other platform.

Interesting features

iCloud is an excellent tool to store content in the cloud. The main functionalities of Apple have already been automatically adapted to the service so that storing songs, photos, and other content is more accessible for you. For example, the music you have in iTunes appears synchronized on all your devices. Besides, from any of them, you can check the purchase history and download your favorite songs again.

The same goes for photos. If you take a photo with your iPad, it will appear almost instantly on your iPhone or computer. In this way, you will have access to your last 1,000 photos in streaming from anywhere.

Those who usually work from the mobile phone or iPad are also in luck. And it is that in the documentation section, iCloud also guarantees that the latest changes made appear in all documents. All applications dedicated to graphic or text editing are also fully synchronized, including PC and Mac. It will come as a pearl to finish a document on the bus or subway, without having to rewrite the changes on your home desktop computer.

The applications work on all devices, so you will not have to make additional downloads to use the same programs anywhere. It involves getting backups to ensure you don’t lose anything along the way. The most exciting options are synchronization with the calendar. All your appointments will appear on all devices, being able to modify and create new ones without having to duplicate efforts. It will come in handy if you use your devices to work and organize your life, both personal and professional.

You can also use geolocation services to share locations with your friends for a limited time, for example, in addition to using the tool from another device if you have lost your iPhone.

To start using these services, you have to download iOS 5 and update your device. It is not necessary to get hold of the iPhone 4S to enjoy this service. A service that reminds us of a lot of other similar ones that have been working for a long time. Some examples are Microsoft’s SkyDrive or the integration of Picasa, Google Docs, Calendar, Gmail, and other Google services on Android.

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