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What is Google Drive? – Definition, Functions, And More

What is Google Drive? - Definition, Functions, And More

Definition Google Drive

Google Drive is a synchronization service and file storage, Launched by Google on April 24, 2012; It allows users to store files on their servers, synchronize files across devices, and share files.

Google Drive is a cloud service created by the North American company Google, which allows you to:

How does it work?

As it is a cloud application, it has several services included. This pack makes a virtual computer since all the information and applications are hosted on Google’s servers and not on our computer. You will no longer need your laptop to work anywhere in the world. You simply need a device with which you can connect to the internet to carry out the tasks.

Advantages and Disadvantages



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Is Google Drive free?

By creating a Gmail account, you will automatically have access to all free Google apps. Google Drive is one of them, although it has a storage limit. Once you reach this limit, the load capacity can get expanded by paying a monthly fee.

How much storage space do I have in my free Google Drive account?

You have 15 GB. If you see that it falls short, you can always expand the storage capacity with the paid version.

Is Google Drive safe to store my data?

Having your server costs a lot of money. Also, you have to invest time in maintenance and security to have your data stored safely.

Who can see my Google Drive?

Your password protects all Google Drive files (if you activate double authentication, much better). That means that only you can see them.

Now, if you decide to share a file, it will depend on the permissions you give to your collaborator / s. that person has access to all the documents on your Google Drive, but only the file that you have shared with them.

And if I don’t have internet, can’t I access my Google Drive files?

Google Drive also has a desktop application, with which you can edit your documents offline. This app is available for both PC and MAC, even for Windows.

How much does it cost to expand the storage space of Google Drive?

Different plans are depending on your needs, which start from € 1.99 per month to expand memory to 100 GB, go through monthly payments of € 9.99 for 1 TB, and can go up to 30 TB for € 299.99 per month. Month.

Is there any form of Google Drive for companies?

Yes, it is called GSuite (formerly known as Google Apps). If you want to have all your centralized and secure files and emails from your company at an affordable price, this is an exciting option.

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