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What is DNIS? – Definition, Applications, and More

What is DNIS? – Definition, Applications, and More

DNIS Definition

Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) is a service sold by telecommunications companies to corporate clients that identify the dialed telephone number of an inbound call initially.

The client may use this information for call routing to internal destinations or activation of special call handling.

For this service, the telephone company sends a sequence of typically four to ten digits during the call setup.

What is the involvement of Bandwidth in DNIS?

  • Bandwidth provides DNIS when a service that allows the business to identify what number a caller used to contact them.
  • Also, one number can be used to answer all incoming calls regardless of what a customer has a dial.
  • Bandwidth provides this tune to enhance how our customers manage communications with their end-users.
  • Which, in turn, creates a tremendous general understanding of the business and also the customers.

What are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s DNIS?

Bandwidth operates and owns one of the leading All-IP Voice Networks in the nation.

  1. They endow with consistent, high-performed communication services to the customers with different features that allow them to do more with the big business.
  2. Bandwidth DNIS service is especially useful for our customers that have call centers with a need to identify where their traffic is coming.
  3. It can improve call center monitoring as well as customer experiences by giving you more knowledge about your end-users.
  4. Bandwidth opens and operates the network, and we can cut out the middleman to provide business with gainful service.
  5. While also allowing the scale to meet up your requirements. It may be a little start-up or vast enterprises.
  6. Bandwidth is flexible to take any sized business and give them the power to communicate.

What are the DNIS Recognition Telephony?

  • Database Systems Corporation provides computer telephony integration technology to the call center industry.
  • DSC offers CTI Software and phone systems as well as outsourcing call center services that employ telephony technology.
  • Inbound phone calls process using our ACD Software and interactive voice response (IVR) that answers call without an operator.
  • Many criteria and variables that this software uses in routing phone calls is the phone number that was dialed by the caller. This number (or service) refer to as DNIS.

What are the applications of DNIS?

DSC software utilizes DNIS in several of computer telephony software applications.

ACD and DNIS Routing

ACD systems employ DNIS as the initial call routing mechanism. Calls process using our automatic call distribution system.

which determines the called number and transfers this call to an agent hunt group.

DNIS and IVR Processing

Once the IVR program invokes, In turn, we can query the phone system to determine the number dialed. It is essential when multiple phone numbers route to the same IVR program.

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