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What is Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) – Definition, Functions, And More

What is Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) - Definition, Functions, And More

Definition Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)

CSS is a style sheet language that we use for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML. CSS is a cornerstone technology of the World Wide Web, alongside HTML and JavaScript.

The CSS specification, along with HTML and JavaScript, is a technology used by many websites to create beautifully designed pages.

What are its functions on the Internet?

We use CSS technology to mark the separation of the content of web pages and the way they we present it. What generates multiple benefits, such as:

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How are CSS and HTML linked?

HTML and CSS have a great relationship between them since HTML is a markup language (it constitutes the base of a website), and CSS defines the style of the page (all the beautiful part).

Although Cascading Style Sheets are not essential, they are essential to give shape and appearance to your website. If you only use HTML, your page will look bare and won’t stand out from the competition.

Why is it worth implementing CSS on a website?

The advantages of using Cascading Style Sheets are numerous, some of which we already mentioned above and others that we will tell you below:

Although the use of CSS may not seem so important, its execution allows you to improve your SEO and positioning techniques, which is crucial for a Digital Marketing strategy.

Cascading Style Sheets got this name because the characteristics are applied from top to bottom through rules that have a priority scheme.

This specification is a graphic design language that is written within the HTML code of the website and allows you to create pages more exactly and apply styles (colors, margins, shapes, fonts, etc.) for what you have better control of the final results.

In Summary

The CSS helps to work in conjunction with the HTML. And because of the concept it uses (the separation of presentation and content), CSS technology has a comprehensive standard, with extensive specifications, benefits, and possibilities.

Nowadays you will find CSS in most web pages since it is as important a requirement as the markup language itself, be sure to implement it on your website!

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