What is Construction Project Management Software?-Definition, And More

Definition Construction Project Management Software

Most construction companies spend a lot of resources managing daily meetings, legal requirements, safety rules, and project deadlines. But few realize that using construction project tools and software would significantly improve the results of their projects, saving a lot of work and allowing them to grow. Here, we present a compilation of construction project management tools and software.

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Construction project management ActiTimee is a project management software used by over 10,000 companies worldwide, which allows an improvement in productivity and project control. Therefore, it is a highly recommended project management tool for the administration of construction projects.

Among its main functions

  • Ease of creating and managing GANTT-type schedules.
  • It allows assigning the tasks to each team member individually and controlling their performance and generated costs.
  • It has automatic notifications to warn of tasks to be carried out, the progress of tasks, or as automatic notifications if the project exceeds its budget or deadline.
  • Its contracting possibilities are vast, adjusting to the size and needs of the different companies. It offers the chance of a free trial.

ITM Platform

ITM Platform management software Platform is a construction project management software with various functionalities to manage deadlines, cost, billing, and also communications with the project team.

Therefore, the ITM Platform is a useful tool for the administration of construction projects. With them, you can manage projects in a more agile way, without complications and at a more affordable cost than other similar tools.

You can use the 14-day free trial they offer to experience the application of this program to your company and projects.


Construction project management LiquidPlanner is an online, multi-device project management program. Itis easy to use both from the office and in the field, making it well suited for construction project management.

Its most outstanding functionality of this management software is predictive programming. It automatically calculates in real-time the completion dates for each task, the project, and the portfolio as a whole. As a result, we provide an accurate prediction of when the job will be completely based on priority and assigned resources.

It has two levels of recruitment:

Professional for small and medium-sized companies, and Enterprise for large companies, with prices starting at 45 USD / month/user. Allow 14-day free trial.

Construction Project Management Wrike

Wrike project management is one of the best-known software and one of the most contracting options. Also, having good technical support and an excellent ability to adapt to the needs of each client. Highlighting the first level of free contracting.

This program starts with Gantt-type planning, assigning the resources to each task, and updating its status in real-time. Therefore, it not only allows you to create the schedule but it is also powerful software for monitoring and coordinating activities with the work team.

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