What is CCNP?

CCNP is the Cisco Certified Network Professional. It is available for IT professionals with at least one year of experience in professional networking. A high school diploma is also compulsory.

Basically, It intends for professionals to seek specific training programs to implement, maintain, and plan an extensive range of high-end network clarification.

And also, The certification program consists of many similar courses that cover the basics of IT networking. Which includes:

  • Remote access to Cisco.
  • Advanced routing to Cisco.
  • Multilayer switching to Cisco.
  • Converges network optimization.
  • Scalable internetworking

Professionals who choose this certification program are skilled in troubleshooting, install, and maintain both WAN and LAN for systems between 100 to 500 nodes.

And also, In this certification program, students also gain knowledge in a wide range of network features and protocols, which include Ethernet, Route Redistribution, Access Lists, and AppleTalk.

What is the Difference between CCNP and CCNA?

  1. Firstly, The difference is CCNA certification is the associate-level certification that tests professionals on routing and switching basics.
  2. The CCNP is a way higher certification that requires an in-depth level of understanding and knowledge of LANs and WANs, like how they work together.
  3. The CCNP certification is considered the more senior out of these two Cisco certification levels, considering that it delves much more in-depth and broader into the workings of networking and its associated content such as security and wireless options than the CCNA.
  4. Since the level of training between CCNP and CCNA are dissimilar, each of these certifications leads to different career paths.

What is the Career Path of CCNA?

This certification is suitable for individuals looking to gain an entry-level career such as:

  1. Network Support Engineer
  2. Network Technician
  3. Helpdesk Engineer
  4. Service Desk Engineer/Technician
  5. First and Second Line Support

What is the Career Path of CCNP?

Basically, The CCNP documentation relates to IT professional who wants to go in further with their career, and that includes the following:

  1. Third Line Support
  2. Network Engineer
  3. Network Analyst
  4. IT Team Leader
  5. Systems Engineer
  6. Network Specialist


  • To improve your IT career, Cisco certifications of CCNP can help get you head down to the right path.
  • And also, It offers a catalog variety of IT training, includes CCNA and CCNP courses taught by certified professionals.