What is Booking Engine? – Definition, Uses, Advantages, And More

Definition Booking Engine

With the booking engine, you can sell directly and without commissions. Install a booking engine and increase the sales channels for your hotel.

Do you want to sell your rooms online, directly, without depending on OTAs and removing the commissions in between? Achieving these goals is entirely possible with a standby engine.

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How to use a booking engine?

It is a tool that integrates with your website and allows your guests to make online reservations. It is as simple as it sounds.

And of course, there are no travel agencies involved here. It means the booking engine incorporated into your website; passengers buy directly from you.

Great Advantages

There are no intermediaries or surprises, and the hotel-guest relationship becomes strong without anyone acting as mediator. And it also means the absence of commissions.

The basics of a booking engine

#1. Usability

In most cases, installing it, programming it according to your own needs, and using it is extremely simple. It is also easy for guests to understand, as booking engines often feature an intuitive, simple, and 100% manageable design.

#2. Adaptability

The integration of the reservation module to your website is total since the appearance of the system (the graphic elements that define it) is personalized. Choose the colors that match your brand or the site. The engine is incorporated into your page and does not seem like a strange or foreign element. On the contrary: it is reliable and reliable.

#3. Immediacy

From the very moment you put your custom booking engine on your website, your guests can start booking online. When it happens, both parties (hotel and guest) receive an email with the reservation request. Then, you only have to confirm it by the way you want, and the sale completes. If you have a PMS, the reservation gets to record in your management software. As simple and fast!

#4. No commissions!

One of the best aspects of the booking engine is you can sell your rooms without commissions or “fine print.” We are independent hoteliers just like you, and we know how annoying it is to pay high percentages to online travel agencies. Feel free to sell directly!

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