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What is an AirDroid? – Definition, Functions and More

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What is an AirDroid?

AirDroid is a tool that has been designed so that we can access and manage an Android phone from the computer. The use of it can be from a Windows computer, but also a Mac without any problem.

It is a free tool, which allows this process to be possible and without having to use cables in it. Since it is based on a wireless connection, WiFi in this case.

What is needed for AirDroid to work is that both the computer and the Android phone will be connected to the same WiFi network and have the tool installed on both devices.

It is what has helped make it such an exciting and complete option, in addition to its smooth operation.

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What functions does it offer us?

AirDroid allows us to access our Android phone from the computer. This is something that opens a world of possibilities, since we can control the phone from the computer, having access to all kinds of functions.

This versatility is something that has helped the popularity of this tool in the market. Some of the available functions are:

Many functions we can use with AirDroid. In fact, the list is much broader since it will be possible to do all kinds of tasks with the phone connected to the computer.

So the possibilities in this regard are vast, which makes this type of tools especially popular in the market and has become an essential option for many Android users.

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