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What is an ACI? – Definition, Differences, and More

What is an ACI? – Definition, Differences, and More

ACI Definition

With ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure), the data center network can be optimized-including components from other manufacturers.

The design is the core component to success and, thus, to relieve the staff and reduce the necessary administration budget.

Data centers are at the essential of the business today, and companies spend substantial sums on IT and the data center to keep up with the market.

It takes a lot of expertise and time from experienced IT professionals, and their increasing complexity is due to the variety of components.

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What is the Datacenter network: CLI versus ACI?

Various processes and solutions in the network operation of a data center were partially automate in the past to conserve administration resources.

  1. But most changes have to be implemented manually in CLI-controlled (Command Line Interface). The susceptibility to errors is comparatively high.
  2. It is precisely the applications that sometimes react unpredictably to changes in the data center network, in the worst case, even in safety.
  3. The ACI approach changes the way a data center network configures and operated.
  4. Private network systems are no longer individually for configuration and administration on various consoles.
  5. A key advantage of ACI is rule-based central configuration and administration of all data center network components.
  6. The controller knows the integrated switches and all systems connected to the fabric.

What is Individual ACI design together with partners?

  • For larger companies, this crucial step in the design of ACI is relatively easy.
  • Dedicated data centers and network specialists are taking on the new technology.
  • In medium-sized companies, the scenario can look completely different.
  • There are no teams here that deal exclusively with some regions of IT and the data center.
  • The often extreme workload of IT staff does not allow additional training or time for the elaborate design of classic data center structures.
  • Therefore, the advantages of ACI technology are apparent, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (around 500 users or more).


An Application-Centric Infrastructure in the data center helps companies enormously to administrate and, above all, optimized the network.

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