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What is a .CC domain? – Definition, Uses, Features and More

What is a .CC domain? – Definition, Uses, Features and More

.CC domain Definition

The .cc domain is a top-level geographic domain (ccTLD) for the Australian territory of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. The cc domain is one of the least used since it corresponds to a little known region of the world.

It refers to the Australian territory of so-called Cocos Islands. It is an island complex consisting of two atolls and 27 coral islands.

  • In any case, in portals such as DonWeb, you can register your website with the cc domain without major problems, thus positioning a page with this registration.
  • The truth is that the Cocos Islands is a minimal area since its population does not exceed two thousand people and has a limited territorial extension.
  • However, it has its domain, since it has a good number of users from the tourist point of view and is usually chosen for this purpose.
  • However, one must be careful with the cc domain, since it can lend itself to certain confusions.

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The use of the cc domain, positioning, and traits

  • Keep in mind that this domain is regional. This means that the introduction of it to compete in a particular territory, not to be widely disseminated internationally. For the latter, it is in domain .com and others similar.
  • However, in this case, we refer to a domain designed for the Cocos mentioned above Islands, within which there are not many Internet portals to compare with.
  • It happens that the cc domain basically arises to promote these islands themselves, so it is unique in this regard.
  • That is, the use of it is to distinguish it correctly, rather than to register a large number of web pages. In this way, it happens that SEO and other similar tactics must be oriented so that the domain stands out beyond the regional limits. Otherwise, it can be minimal.


There is an essential fact about the cc domain. The truth is that it often confuses because it interprets as a Trading Company (cc).

  • It is something that must always be taken into account since, in reality, it is a country domain. When people use it with another intention, they cannot position it in other nations.
  • That is if the use of it is to register a website from different places to Cocos Islands. Then it is difficult to position itself.
  • In that sense, it happens that the cc domain should not be confused. It is not a useful record for commercial matters. It is not neutral nor international. Google and other search engines do not make exceptions of any kind in this case.

Who uses this domain locates its website in the aforementioned insular zone and does not allow it to use for other parts of the world. Therefore, we must be 100% attentive and not misuse it.

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