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Did You Know You Could Get a Customizable Client Portal for Your Business?

Did You Know You Could Get a Customizable Client Portal for Your Business?

Did You Know You Could Get a Customizable Client Portal for Your Business

A client portal is an electronic access to a collection of online files, services, and information over the internet through a website. The portal works between an organization and its clients. It simplifies clients’ lives by accessing all information over various devices.

Customization helps create a unique profile for each customer, which means that the customer will receive the information you want them to when they login to the portal. However, an organization needs to customize its client portals. Suppose you wish to customize your client portal, but you do not know how; here are some ways to get a personalized client portal for your business.

Differentiating Value Through Customization

You can boost your customer’s experience through a customizable client portal. By doing so, you allow your clients to access information that matters most to them. You can also provide an individualized financial snapshot with an internet connection from any device.

To customize your client’s portal, choose the client’s name from the advisor portal. Next, click the client list and select the client access tab on the right.

Create a Personalized Client Portal

After completing the first step and inviting the client to the portal, the client can access the profile, screens vault, and cloud storage tools by default. There is a specific range of information the client can view and edit. The displayed information includes the following.

  • Net worth
  • Income and expenses
  • Budgeting categories
  • Family information and goals
  • Security settings, among others.

Select how your clients should interact with the client portal. In this section, you may allow your customers to stick to the initial plan or leave suggestions.

Determine How Clients Can Interact with the Profile Items

After setting up the profile items and creating your customizable client portal, there is the option of preventing clients from updating information on the client portal. In the profile, you can then select “how clients interact with the profile items” on the client access page.

On this page, change the setting to “client cannot change the information on the profile.” That means that the information will be in read-only mode. With this setup, the client can view all the information on the page but cannot make any adjustments. This is an advantage to the organization to prevent data from biased alterations.

Change How Clients Interact with Action Items

It would be best to set how clients interact with planning modules that involve action items. Action items allow changes within some specific modules like retirement. You will execute this action at the bottom of the client’s access bar. This step is significant for security purposes.

Customize the Invitation Email

When sending a message to your clients to invite them to the customizable client portal, apply your tone and vocabulary within the invitation emails. For guidance in this, check the Advisor portal, gear icon, account, and customization screen, where you will find two template emails you can adjust for two different clients.

Why Customize Client Portal

Client portal customization creates brand loyalty and recognition and boosts customers’ confidence and security. The clients experience personalized attention from the organization. Consider adding other tools to help your clients achieve a better experience with a customizable client portal.

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