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10 things you will be able to buy with cryptocurrency in 5 years

10 things you will be able to buy with cryptocurrency in 5 years

Initially, many businesses and individuals were reluctant to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. However, digital currencies are now gaining popularity across different industries. Many firms are now experimenting with them. For instance, you can now buy online lottery tickets from specific websites using Bitcoins. There are also a variety of products and services that you can purchase using electronic currencies as highlighted and explained below:

Gift Cards

There are now specific apps like Gyft that accept your electronic money when buying gift cards. The advantage with these apps is that they don’t impose any extra fees on your purchases. Although mainstream electronic stores do not accept digital currencies when buying gift cards, they may soon accept them.

Domestic items

When buying various things such as vacuum cleaners, rugs, furniture, and others, specific stores accept cryptocurrencies. For instance, you can now purchase your home items from using Bitcoin and Coinbase. Shortly, many mainstream stores are going to accept digital currencies when clients buy home items.


At some point, KFC and Subway had minimal offers where clients could buy food with electronic currencies. At the moment, some hotels offering pizzas still approve Bitcoins. With this trend, many restaurants will soon start accepting cryptocurrencies for every item that you buy from them.

Real Estate

Provided that you fulfill specific conditions, you can purchase real estate from particular firms that accept Bitcoins. The critical requirement is that each party involved in the transaction must understand its obligation.


Specific online pharmaceutical shops approve Bitcoin. However, before starting any transaction, you need to do some background research to establish legit pharmacies.


Some car dealerships have approved the use of cryptocurrency. For instance, in the US, Subaru dealers in Oklahoma accept Bitcoin.

This is an indication that many vehicle dealers in the world will soon accept the electronic currency for payment.

Luxury items

Some firms like White Company have multiple exotic items that can be purchased with electronic currency and delivered anonymously. For instance, from such firms, you can buy exotic vehicles, watches, and others. The trend is picking up, and soon various firms will emerge that accept cryptocurrency.

Purchasing a casket

You may think that this is a great joke, but some firms accept electronic currencies when purchasing caskets from them. For instance, Crescent Tide Funeral in Minnesota, US, approves cryptocurrency.

Taxi Rides

Some taxi firms accept cryptocurrency in their operations. Some of the companies approved this mode of payment as early as 2013. As many people are embracing rideshare, soon many taxi firms and transport companies will approve digital money.

Airplane Tickets and Hotel Bookings

A trend is emerging where you can use cryptocurrency to purchase airplane tickets or book hotels. For instance, and both approve digital currency and offer their clients air tickets and restaurant bookings in return.

In conclusion, the world of cryptocurrency is taking the market by storm. Initially, many companies were skeptical about the technology, but gradually, they’re accepting. In the near future, most businesses will approve digital currency.

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