Creating WebAR with the software development company

WebAR may be a great solution for your business. However, before thinking of applying it in your enterprise, it’s vital to learn more about it. This will help you to decide whether you need it at all or not. And, we are ready to assist you with such a goal.

By the way, if you wish to introduce such tech to what you do as a businessman, the best option is to do it with a team of professionals. They will analyze the purpose of implying the technology and will plan everything to make your services even more effective. So, let’s see how it all works.

Dealing with the principles of WebAR work

To begin with, AR means augmented reality. You’ve probably heard about it before. In the case of WebAR, the experience with AR revolves around web access (and normally, it works with the help of an app). To make it possible, there are several technologies that are being used. They are as follows: APIs, WebRTC, etc.

Here’s one important matter to realize: to use WebAR, the user’s smartphone has to meet a few requirements. Here they are:

  • Having sensors represented by the RGB camera and accelerometer;
  • Support of APIs and WebXR. This enables enjoying the experience without a necessity to involve extra soft or plugins. So, this is just about convenience for the user.

Also, there are a couple of things to mention for those having Android and iOS devices. For Android owners, it’s vital not to ignore the installation of the AR core. And, for the iOS gadgets, there is an AR Quick Look (a special extension applying USDZ format).

And now, let’s get to how WebAR exactly works. First of all, there is a process of identifying the location and orientation of the device in 3D space. After this, the camera’s perspective and field of view have to be exposed. And finally, there is a scene understanding. Basically, the functioning of WebAR is based on these three aspects.

Applying WebAR for the business and other purposes

This is a key matter for discussion in this article. There are several spheres the WebAR can be implemented in today. And, such an applying of the tech has all the chances to bring success to those who use it. So, why not become one of these people? Well, study the list below to learn more:

  • Search queries. For example, when you are involved in online shopping and google info to find footwear, you may try on the shoes while picking them to see whether they fit or not. Can you imagine how cool is that?
  • Entertainment. Films promotion and gaming are the best representatives here;
  • Advertising and e-commerce industries. The brightest example here is an opportunity to scan the QR code that will provide the user with a certain experience;
  • Education. Here, navigation around the campus and unique activities in the classroom are to be mentioned.

As for the business application in particular, it’s vital to highlight 3D AR business cards. After scanning the QR code, the interactive card will be shown to the user. And then, there goes navigation depending on what sphere we are talking about.

All in all, WebAR will be incredibly popular rather soon. And it’s illogical not to use it today because applying the tech for business purposes may really enrich your enterprise and the way you position it on the market. Quick access to data has a lot of advantages that are impossible to ignore. However, it’s much more reasonable to do it with the proper software development team.

Referring to the services of the professionals

A custom software development company can provide the clients with amazing services that will be suggested on-demand. Not every company can work out such tech though. In order to select the proper team, it’s better to look at such criteria like:

  • The years of experience. Study the info regarding how long has the development company been working on the market and in particular, when they started to deal with WebAR tech;
  • The opinions of the clients. This can be found on the Internet, and, it’s better to get acquainted with the views of those who used such services and implied them for business purposes. This will help you to realize what the majority of the customers think about the company of developers;
  • The individual approach, when you contact the company for the first time, look at the way their representatives deal with you. They should ask in detail what you would like to develop and what your final goal is. Moreover, they should give you approximate pricing of the services that are about to be delivered. Besides, the representatives ought to explain to you what the implementation of the tech will give you in the future.

Moreover, here are a few aspects that you should keep in mind before starting to deal with the company that will develop WebAR for you:

  1. You should be able to track every single step of the development process. This means that the team ought to report all actions they perform and inform you about not only how the things go but also the approximate time of the works’ completion;
  2. You need to be in control of the situation. This means that when asking questions and having doubts, you may rely on the professionalism of the people you are working with. If things go like this, it means that you are on the right track. If you feel like something from these points is wrong, you may refuse to work with the developers and search for someone else.

Summing up, applying WebAR will surely bring benefits to you if you select the right team of developers. To do this, just follow the tips we have indicated in the article. If you have enough patience and plan all your actions, you will be extremely satisfied with the result you get in the end. Good luck!