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Everything You Need to Know About Cooling Tower Rentals

Everything You Need to Know About Cooling Tower Rentals

Cooling Tower Rentals – Did you know that the cooling towers market was found to be worth 3.53 billion and will only continue to grow in value?

Cooling towers are not only high-quality air conditioning equipment but are growing in value. Any business that is looking to keep their building at a cool temperature has at some point considered renting a cooling tower.

You may be wondering what the renting process for cooling towers is. Have you been looking into renting a cooling tower but do not know much about them?

Read on to learn about what cooling towers are, how they work, and how to go about cooling tower rentals today.

What Is a Cooling Tower?

The main purpose of cooling towers is to remove heat with the use of water. These towers are designed for large commercial buildings and factories. Common buildings that use cooling towers include power plants, manufacturing companies, airports, hospitals, and schools.

Because of how big commercial buildings are, a simple HVAC system will not be enough to keep them cool. That is why cooling towers are used, as they are efficient in cooling down large buildings.

How Does a Cooling Tower Work?

Cooling towers work by continuously going through cooling cycles.

When hot water is exposed to the cooling tower, it then makes contact with air in it that is cool and dry. Once it is exposed to this cold and dry atmosphere, the heat then evaporates, leaving the tower. Cold water reenters the tower to cool it down, and then this cycle continuously repeats itself.

The major components of cooling towers include:

  • Fan
  • Nozzles
  • Distribution system
  • Collection basin

The fan lets the excess heat evaporate from the tower. The nozzles are what the water passes through and come out of. The distribution system helps simply by distributing the water, and the collection basin collects the cold water and releases it.

Benefits of Renting a Cooler Tower

Keeping your building cool not only for any customers but your employees as well can be easily done when renting a cooling tower.

Are you aware of the benefits that come with renting a cooling tower? Here are some benefits of renting a cooling tower.

High-Quality Air Conditioning

Cooling towers are growing in value because of the high-quality air conditioning they provide for commercial buildings.

Keeping a building can be difficult, especially if it is very large, but cooling towers are equipped to handle cooling the biggest of buildings. These towers are constantly running, making their efficiency in cooling greater as well.

More Affordable

Depending on what other HVAC system you may have currently or have considered purchasing, the money put into them can be costly.

Renting a cooling tower can save you money, as you will not have to make continuous payments forever. While yes purchasing an air conditioning system may sound ideal, the costs that will into maintaining it will build up over time.

Less Time Consuming

Did you consider how much time you can save renting a cooling tower? The amount of time you would have to spend keeping an air conditioning system running properly can take time away from other things.

Choosing to rent a cooling tower will let you not have to worry about setting it up or maintaining it. This is ideal if you are only looking to rent the tower for a certain amount of time.

Portable Systems

The nice thing about cooling towers is how simple it is to have them set up. They are portable, making it simple for them to be placed where you wish and not having to worry about the placement of them as much.

Once you are done with the cooling tower, it is just then picked up and taken out of your hands. These systems being portable make them especially desirable for events you may have going on and wish to keep at a comfortable temperature.

Comfortable and Cool Environment

Whether the cooling tower is being used to keep a power plant or school cool, this alone is a benefit.

Because these cooling towers are designed to cool large buildings, they are capable of keeping the desired cool environment for a very long time.

Cooling Tower Rentals

Now that you have an idea of what cooling towers are, how they work, and the benefits, you may be wondering what to expect in the renting process.

When renting a cooling tower, you will only pay for the time you use it. After you are done with using it, you simply have it picked up and no more payments are necessary.

Having a cooling tower delivered to your building is a fairly simple process. You will not have to pick it up, as a professional will bring it down to your location. They will handle the setup process, which makes it one less thing for you to have to worry about.

The cost of renting will depend on the specific tower you are looking to rent and for how long.

Rent a Cooling Tower Today

Cooling tower rentals are beneficial for your business in numerous ways.

These high-quality air conditioning systems provide various commercial buildings with cool and comfortable environments.

Chiller Rentals by CTCA offers 24/7 service and delivery and a wide range of cooling equipment for commercial buildings. The easy accessibility to keeping your business cool has never been easier.

Contact us today to go about renting a cooling tower or if you have any questions regarding our products or services.

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