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VPS Concept and Benefit in VPS Hosting Service

VPS Concept and Benefit in VPS Hosting Service

Virtual Private Server is a popular hosting service nowadays. Hence, various types of Virtual Private Server (VPS) such as managed VPS, unmanaged VPS, SSD VPS server, and the cloud VPS server.

In this article, we will talk a lot about the VPS, especially the concept of VPS, SSD VPS, and the benefit of VPS for your website hosting server.

Concept of VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server is having the concept of virtual. Hence, Virtual Private Server is creating the virtualized server computer in the process of website hosting activity. Even if the Virtual Private Server uses the virtualized computer on their approach, the virtual server computer’s capability is similar to the real physical computer based on its performance or its accessibility.

The procedure of hosting activity in the Virtual Private Server can be described as the process of communication between two or more computers. The search engine from the visitor or user’s computer will send the request signal by inputting the URL address or clicking the specific session on the search engine result page (SERP). Then, the signal will be sent to the virtual server computer in the Virtual Private Server. The virtual computer in the Virtual Private Server (VPS) will process the message or signal in order to translate the required data or files in the website content. Once the process is finished, the virtual computer in the Virtual Private Server (VPS) will search the necessary files or data on the database. In this phase, the hardware’s performance in the database infrastructure takes a vital role to make sure that the process can be done as fast as possible. Then what if the hardware is not capable of performing the fast performance? If so, the process will take a longer time to finish this process, making the user-facing the bad UX (User Experience) and possibly never coming back again to your website for good. Whenever the process is completed, the virtual computer will send the required files or data back to the user’s computer so they can enjoy the files or content.

All the processes in the hosting activity above are conducted in a matter of seconds or less. Research has revealed that a website that took a longer duration in its load process will gain a higher percentage to be abandoned by the users, and they will never be coming back again for any reason. It may not sound a big deal, but if you are a businessman doing the market activity, losing a potential customer means a tremendous loss, isn’t it?

Thus, Virtual Private Server (VPS) is using the latest technologies to make sure the process in the data distribution from the website and the user is running optimum and smooth. Do you need some proof? In the Virtual Private Server, we are using the latest and high-end technology processor (CPU) it will help you in the processing matter. If the processor is using the old and lame CPU, obtaining the perfect performance in website hosting activity is a total dream to achieve. It would be best if you considered before hiring the VPS provider to check the infrastructure components whether they are using the latest technology. If they do so, you are good to go, but if they don’t use the latest technology, you have to find the other VPS hosting service provider else.

Solid State Hosting drive for VPS.

The other benefit in using the Virtual Private Server (VPS) is you can get the SSD hosting drive that able to make the whole processes related to the datacenter such as indexing, allocating, and much more getting faster and stable compared with the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) that slower and having a lot of troubles in its mechanism aspect such as costly because HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is consuming larger resource or power in its operational. HDD (Hard Disk Drive is also using the moveable component within the structure, plus there is a magnetic disk that also fragile enough to be broken. As the opposite, The SSD (Solid-State Drive) is able to give you the best performance that can be described as the fast-speed processing duration, less noisy, less power consuming, and also less space-consuming. SSD (Solid-State Drive) is designed slimmer and contains fewer movable parts within the SSD. Flash memory is the main component in SDD instead of the magnetic disk. That is why SSD (Solid-State Drive) is able to give the best performance compared with HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is also using the SSD (Solid-state Drive) as its hardware in database component. Providing the fastest performance in the website hosting activity is the virtual private server (VPS) website hosting server’s main focus. If you keen on the Virtual Private Server (VPS) that providing the best component in its database, you can choose the SSD VPS hosting server to get the service that perfect for your style and needs in website hosting service.

Benefits of VPS Hosting Services

There is a lot of benefits that you can get from the Virtual Private Server. It will take a week full if we want to peel it one by one. So, to make you understand its benefits in using the Virtual Private Server (VPS), we will talk about the major advantages of Virtual Private Server (VPS) in the below section.

Speeding Performance

By the feature of a dedicated server and the components used in the Virtual Private Server (VPS), providing the clients with the fastest processing pace and stable speed is a piece of cake for the Virtual Private Server (VPS).


Dedicated resource and private space provided by the Virtual Private Server (VPS) is surely giving you the best protection because you are not sharing any single resource with the other clients such as the cloud hosting server and the shared hosting server. Plus, if you choose the managed Virtual Private Server (VPS), the Virtual Private Server (VPS) will surely provide you with the assistance that will be useful to protect your data on the database.


From the price aspect, Virtual Private Server (VPS) is having a bit higher price compared with the cloud and shared hosting server, but if it is compared with the dedicated server, Virtual Private Server is having le affordable price with the function that similar to the dedicated server.

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