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Compress File Online: Wondershare Video Converter [2024]

Compress File Online: Wondershare Video Converter [2024]

After successfully launching video compression, a reliable platform, Wondershare Uniconvertor, has come up with features to compress files online. Definitely, after hearing this, there is a smile on people’s faces. Once they know the features that can be effectively used to compress the file, they can use it for numerous purposes. Let’s take a look at a professional-looking platform and understand what unique features it has to offer.

Convert files

Not only a video compressor can compress files, but it also converts the files. Irrespective of in which format your file is, an eminent tool has the skills to convert the files.

Easy process

Different platforms are available in the market, and each of them has a unique specification. But when it comes to the process, anyone would like to opt for a video compressor through which you can compress the file quickly and easily. In some software, the process of conversion is so lengthy that it becomes difficult to convert. You would need to hire an expert who can convert the videos for you. But a versatile tool is not at all like that as it allows you to compress or convert the videos in no time.

No downloading and installing

Another feature of this platform is it does not need any downloading and installation process. You can connect your system to the internet and launch the software. With that, you can start the process and eliminate the downloading and installing.

Highly secured platform

There is nothing more than security, and you will hardly come across tools that offer security. Most platforms may claim that, but the reality is different, and that’s why; you need to be more specific. A reliable tool provides a highly secured platform, so there is nothing to worry about. No hackers can track your details, and you can completely trust the website in that.Steps To Compress File Online With Wondershare Videoconverter

Editing files

Editing a file is another aspect that a suitable platform offers as with that, you can remove or add sections according to your needs It’s a unique feature that can reduce a lot of work. For example, you have received an audio file, and you want your colleague to hear only a certain part of it. In this aspect, you can edit the audio and send only the part that’s required.

No storage space is needed.

Compress File Online – As there is no need for the downloading and installing process, so storage space is required. It helps in having some extra space which you can use to save more files. But if you go with a different tool, you need to download it, which can consume a lot of space.

Smooth interface

While operating on a platform, if it consumes more time or does not offer you to move easily, it indicates that the platform does not have a smooth interface. A well-designed tool has a smooth interface, so you will not come across issues while using it. Anyone can use the tool even who does not have any technical knowledge.

1000+ formats

When a particular software does not have enough formatting styles, it becomes difficult. But after reading this article, if you prefer to use this software, you can simply eliminate such parameters. The top-rated software gives you 1000+ formats, so converting the files along with compression is easier.Steps To Compress File Online With Wondershare Videoconverter

No need to use any other tool

This tool has everything that you need, so there is no need to use any other software. As a result, the need to download and install a different platform gets eliminated. The prominent tool is a solution for everything, and you will be highly satisfied with the performance after using it.

Well, after understanding the features, the first aspect that you would look for is the process. Let’s check out !

1. Launch software

First of all, open the software on the platform and select the option saying “video compressor”. Many options are available, so you need to search and find the option and click on it. A black screen will open up after you have made the selections.

2. Add videos to be compressed.

Look for a “+” sign on the black screen, and press on that. It is done to go to the location where the videos are located. In case you have a lot of videos, you can go ahead and choose all of them. By doing that, you can eliminate the entire process again and again.

3. Choose the file size & other aspects.

Compress File Online – The brilliant software allows you to specify the file size, crop, edit, and do other things. For that, you need to select the settings button and fix the parameters accordingly. A pop-up window will open, notifying the changes that you have made, and the output of the video will contain the features that you have selected. Once you have done the entire process, press on the submit button and wait for the process to get over. However, you do not need to wait for hours to complete the process. Within a few minutes, you can get it done.Steps To Compress File Online With Wondershare Videoconverter

4. Compress the video

Once the compression of the video is over, save the file. Specify the location and save it; otherwise, you can keep it in Dropbox as well. You can download the file when you require it.

Well, by performing the above steps, you can compress the file in no time. Many software is there in the market, but it would be better if you go ahead with the best.

Signing off

Compress File Online – Hopefully, this article could explain to you the process that you need to follow to compress the file. The process is easy, and you can do it within a few minutes. With compression, you can convert, edit, trim, etc., according to your needs. It gives you the flexibility to go ahead with any feature you would need. So, any time you think you need to compress files, you can specify the requirements and compress it.

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