How To Use CNC Wood Router Machine

Have you ever wanted to manufacture a piece so intricate or thought of a design you wanted to replicate but your craftsmanship fails you? The CNC router can trace every last detail from the information fed from a computer. This is the machine that could be the answer to your problem.

What is a CNC wood router machine?

CNC in itself means computer numerical control which when simply put is just following commands sent from the computer. Having someone holding your hand to draw something is analogous to what the computer does to the router. The router houses several spinning spindles attached to drill bits, which from information from the computer removes material in all three dimensions to produce an identical piece.

10 ways to use a CNC wood router machine

Intricate parts.

With a CNC wood router Machine, you are capable of creating such intricate parts that no other machine can produce. This is especially useful when creating parts with high tolerances.

Start a business

It is a viable option to venture into business with the CNC machine owing to its versatility and a grasp on many customers.

Model parts in any dimensions.

Since the machine takes input from the X, Y, and Z plane it can create workpieces of any dimension 2D, 2.5D, and even 3D. This is very useful in highly detailed pieces of work.

Designing and engraving logos.

Now you can inscribe your logo on wood with ease and absolute detail. Avoid distortions that come with manual wood carving.

Many identical parts.

With many-core current projects, you may need a single part but in three different instances. This machine shines as it can produce the same part multiple times with pinpoint precision.

Make signs

With its high precision, you can make intricate designs and create all manner of signs. Roadside or overhung signs.


You can get decorative and design different types of patterns and artwork appealing to the eye and engrave them onto the material of your choice.

Use it to make templates.

A template is used to replicate a workpiece into near-identical proportions. If you mess up on the template the chances of the remainder of what is to be produced being faulty is very high. Using a CNC will help you with this.


With computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing, you have untapped potential with the capability of creating almost everything. Be innovative in your designs and you will bear fruit.


Because it can generate any type of design, why not make simple furniture out of wood which you could later sell or use it for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a wood CNC machine work?

A CNC wood router takes input from a computer program and traces it with utmost accuracy onto the material you require.

How much does a wood CNC machine cost?

Brand new it may cost you somewhere from 4000 USD to 15000 USD. There are even more expensive ones depending on the technology used. Second-hand variants may be cheaper

Can a CNC machine cut wood?

Make sure it is the specific CNC for wood routing because the spindles on each machine rotate at different rpm’s. This could damage the material you’re working with. Some machines can incorporate different types of materials if pre-set.

What can you make with a CNC router machine?

You could make structurally sound members and also got creative with decorative patterns. possibilities are endless. If it can be programmed to the Machine it will be formed in real life.

Can you make money with a CNC machine?

Yes, with the right investments and ethical business plan you should see an increase in returns.

Is CNC machining profitable?

Yes, it is profitable in that it captures a wide array of consumers, those looking for structures to build with or those looking to add a finer touch on theirs.

Where do machinists make the most money?

Most potential revenue lies in the transfer of the idea into a language the computer understands. That is through programming and CAD/CAM. Though you could still help out in the mechanical bit.

Is CNC machinist a good career?

With its wide versatility and available customers, it is a viable business idea. If you invest in multiple machines spread out wisely, you could get plentiful returns.

Is being a machinist stressful?

Many if not all businesses have their fair share of stresses. Expect to replace worn out bits, adding lubricating fluid, and constantly programming.

Is CNC machining dangerous?

As with any power tool, it comes with its level of risk. Do not forget sharp bits are revolving at ridiculous speeds. The user is well protected from this so the danger factor is low but always be vigilant.


A CNC machine has revolutionized many manufacturing plants. This is no exemption in the woodworking industry. Those who have had the chance at seeing how this machine truly operates understand that it is a marvel and will continue to make strides in the Woodworking industry.

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