Class 10 is a very crucial time in every student’s life as you will face the first board exam of their life at this stage. It is quite important to score well in the Class 10th board exam. This result will help you take a significant step in your career and let you decide which stream you should opt for in your Class 11th and 12th. However, speaking of Class 10th CBSE board exam preparation, Mathematics plays a very important role to increase your overall grade.

Why Should You Opt For Class 10 Maths NCERT Solutions?

The subject of Mathematics might cause fear for many students. But once you understand the basics and learn all the tricks to solve the problems in the easiest way, Mathematics will be much more fun and interesting to you. So, to do that, you need the right kind of study materials as well. If you are worried about where to find the best study materials, you have the answer in front of your eyes. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has itself recommended the NCERT books for the study purpose. Not only CBSE board, but these books are also applicable to all Indian school boards across the country. And, these books and the solutions of it are designed by the highly experienced teachers and subject matter experts with information crafted in really easy and simple language [if you are looking for one good solution, you should definitely opt for the one offered by Vedantu, a leading ed-tech portal].

Besides, all the important questions are written by the experts following extensive research on every topic of the Class 10 Mathematics textbook. So, you will be able to get really accurate solutions and authentic information by studying the Maths NCERT solutions Class 10 by Vedantu.

Chapters of NCERT Solutions Class 10 Maths and The Number of Exercises:

S.No Chapter Names Number of Exercises Number of Questions
1 Real Numbers 4 18
2 Polynomials 4 13
3 Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables 7 29
4 Quadratic Equations 4 24
5 Arithmetic Progressions 4 49
6 Triangles 6 60
7 Coordinate Geometry 4 33
8 Introduction to Trigonometry 4 27
9 Some Applications of Trigonometry 1 16
10 Circles 2 17
11 Constructions 2 14
12 Areas Related to Circles 3 25
13 Surface Areas and Volumes 5 38
14 Statistics 4 25
15 Probability 2 30

How Do Class 10 NCERT Solutions Help In Exam Preparation?

Prepared by highly qualified subject matter experts, these NCERT solutions are exclusively designed for students of every level. The experts put a lot of effort into the curation of these solutions so that it becomes easy and understandable by all the students. These NCERT Solutions are considered as the best quality study materials for a student of CBSE board and other boards students who follow NCERT books as per the curriculum.

Take a look at the list of all the advantages of referring to the NCERT Maths Class 10 solutions.

#1. Score highest marks in the class:

If you are willing to score the best possible grades in the exam, then you have to make a habit of solving all the questions from NCERT textbook exercises on a daily basis.

#2. Knowing the question pattern is a must:

Every student tends to be anxious thinking about the examination, the types of questions they are going to face etc. Therefore it is important for every student to learn the question pattern before he/ she appears on any exam. Solving the questions from NCERT book exercises will help you to know the question format. Not only this but also this will also enable you to solve all the problems with accuracy.

#3. Learn the marks weightage chapter-wise:

If you practice the questions from the NCERT exercises and refer to the solutions later to analyse your answer skills, not only you will be an expert to write the answers but also you will get to understand the chapter-wise marks weightage. Chapter-wise weightage is very important to know as you will get an idea about where to focus on rightly.

#4. Improving time management skill:

You will have to finish the exam paper in the stipulated time frame. But what if you are unable to do so! You will get a chance to improve your time management skill if you practice a lot. Solve the problems from your NCERT textbooks’ exercises and analyse your answers with the help of NCERT solutions. So that you can understand the amount of time you need to solve a certain number of problems accurately.

#5. Forget exam stress:

Exam stress is something which will bother you in your entire academic career. You just need to be smart and know all the tricks like how to get rid of it. Practicing questions of various difficulty levels is just another way to beat the exam stress. It will make you better and you will be able to face any questions during the final exam.