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Clash of Magic MOD Apk – Top 4 Servers [All Working]

Clash of Magic MOD Apk – Top 4 Servers [All Working]

‘Are you searching for the latest version of Clash of Magic? Don’t worry, as in this post I am sharing the working links of Clash of Magic, also I will discuss more it.

You must know about one of the most popular games- Clash of Clans, but it’s quite frustrating when it takes many days to upgrade your buildings and troops as resources take too much time to get generated. So, I know you don’t like the limitation of resources in the game.

So, if you want more exciting things in the game, if yes, then don’t worry, I am going to share download links of a more exciting game-Clash of Magic. This will surely make your gaming experience more exciting and surprising.

This game is not developed by Supercell, but it is produced by third-party developers, so you enjoy the game. Also, note that this is one of the best private servers of Clash of Clans. So let’s dive into more amazing features of the game.

Features of the Clash of Magic Server

Clash of Magic Server is one of those private servers which is hosted by third-party developers. It is quite similar to the original game, but some of the good features make this game an enjoyable one. In this private server, you get unlimited resources like gold, gems, elixir, dark elixir and a lot more.

But I am going to share the reason as to why you should be playing this game. Note that [Clash of Magic] is available in four different flavours. I mean that you get four different servers, viz. S1, S2, S3, S4. With the help of these servers, you get an ultimate collection of features which you cannot find in original Clash of Clans game.

With these servers, you can easily modify anything you want. And the best part is, you don’t even need a premium account to enjoy these features. Let’s check out the different [Clash of Magic] features and servers. As of now, I am not going to share all the features of this game. I want you to explore all the features of this game. For the time being, I am sharing some features of the game.

Gold: Unlimited
Elixir: Unlimited
Gems: Unlimited
Dark Elixir: Unlimited
Troops: Normal, Builders, Villagers
Heroes: Unlimited
Building Time: Zero

As you can see from the above data, that almost everything is provided unlimited. But, this not the case with all the servers. Which means that you get unlimited in two of the four servers. This limitation is primarily because some players specifically want no unlimited resources as this makes the game seem unrealistic. So, for this reason, this limitation has been intentionally put by the developers. All the information about all the servers is listed on the specific server information.

Clash of Magic Servers & It’s Information

Below, I am going to share some information about Clash of Magic, and below that, you are presented with options to choose the server which you want and then follow the rest of the installation guide.

Types of Servers:

There are four different servers for you which provide various features, so you enjoy the game. These are:

Clash of Magic S1 Server: Black Magic

This server is also known as Black Magic. This server is available for free over the Internet. This server is highly modified and provides flexibility. Which means that you can easily create heroes, custom buildings and whatnot. Also, it offers unlimited resources- gold, gems, elixir, dark elixir and much more. To download this server, click on the below download link.

Clash of Magic S2 Server: Hall of Magic

The Clash of Magic S2 Server is also known as the Hall of Magic. This server is quite similar to the first server. It provides the creation of custom buildings with zero build time. Unlimited resources are provided in this server. This server is more speed than the Clash of Magic Server 1. To download Clash of Magic S2 Server, click on the below download link.

Clash of Magic S3 Server: Power of Magic

Clash of Magic S3 Server, also known as the Power of Magic, is a less modified server. It provides limited resources, but this less modification means a speedier server. So, you can get it from the Internet without spending any money. To download Clash of Magic S3 Server, click on the below download link.

Clash of Magic S4 Server: Power of Magic 2

This server is not a modified server which is similar to the original game. It also doesn’t provide unlimited resources to you. Also, the option of creating custom heroes and buildings is not present in this server. This server is not for those who want unlimited resources. If you are looking for unlimited resources, you can download server one or server 2. To download [Clash of Magic] S4 Server, click on the below download link.

Difference between the original Clash of Clans and Clash of Magic:

Original Clash of Clans come with limited resources, but some servers of Clash of Magic provide everything unlimited. The Clash of Magic is developed by third-party developers and is more fun to play. These servers are more or less similar to the original games with a variety of new features like speedy server, timely updates, zero build time, and heroes as troops. These servers are fun to play.


I am sure that you feel very excited to try out the Clash of Magic game. If you face any issue, please let us know, and we will help you out. Enjoy!

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