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Cashee – The Best App for Teen banking
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Cashee – The Best App for Teen banking

Cashee Tech FZE is a technology provider offering a Visa prepaid card and banking app for teenagers in the UAE. Cashee cards are issued by Magnati, a subsidiary of First Abu Dhabi Bank, under license from VISA International. Our goal is to improve the financial education of young people and to provide teenagers from the age of 13 with their own digital banking platform and VISA card.

At Cashee UAE, we take security very seriously and operate in strict compliance with all guidelines, requirements, instructions and conditions issued by the UAE Central Bank and First Abu Dhabi Bank. All funds are always held securely with First Abu Dhabi Bank. We also take extra steps to assess risk across all our platforms and have backups and firewalls in place at all times to protect your data at all times.

What Do we value for Teen Bankers?

Security First

Your child’s safety comes first. That’s why we’ve invested in the best and most advanced encryption security measures to ensure a safe experience for teen banking.


The app is engaging, interactive and geared towards how young people learn. The fun interface makes learning about money a positive and engaging experience.

Equal opportunities

We want all people, despite age, gender or race, to have the confidence and knowledge to take control of their own finances.

Why Cashee for Teens?

100% Secure

Get a card that uses state-of-the-art chip security and 256-bit encryption. Issued by First Abu Dhabi Bank.

Personalized VISA card

Choose a design and get your own personalized card. Use the card online or offline anywhere VISA is accepted.

Digital money management

Get the convenience (and good habit!) of tracking your income, savings, and expenses at the touch of a button. Start early and finish first!

Features of Cashee

Easily keep track of all your income, savings, and expenses in one app.


  • Check account balance through the app.
  • Use the card anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • Shop online at app stores and e-retailers.
  • Receive real-time expense notifications.


  • set savings goals.
  • Assign money to a savings goal.
  • Track progress on savings goals.
  • Celebrate when a goal is reached!

To earn

  • Create tasks in the app.
  • Complete tasks for extra money.
  • Mark tasks as done as soon as they’re done.
  • Get real money as soon as tasks are completed.

Steps for Joining Cashee are easy!

1. Sign up free

Download our app and create your account in minutes using just your Emirates ID.

2. Ask your parents

Share the Cashee link with your parents and let them complete the registration process.

3. Get your Cashee card

Get your Cashee Visa card in 3 business days and start earning, saving and spending right away.

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