Buying Instagram Followers Is It a Gamble or Smart Move

As they are just starting to promote their Instagram profiles, both content creators and business owners face the same problem: how to get an audience? Some try to set up targeted ads, some do collaborations, and some choose the easy way and simply buy followers.

Is there a legit way to buy followers and what does Instagram think about it? Let’s figure it out.

Is Buying Followers Bad?

Buying followers basically means boosting your follower count by purchasing bots and fake profiles. Let’s see what they are:

  • Bots are usually empty social media profiles created using specialized software.
  • Fake accounts are often the same bots but with some information on their profiles, followers, and followings (often fake too). Spam accounts go into this category as well.

Any marketing pro will tell you that buying followers is bad promotion. Here’s why.

1. Bots and fake profiles are useless. They don’t do anything but boost your follower count. They don’t interact with your content and surely don’t buy your products.

2. Bots and fake profiles are harmful. Using this method of promotion, you risk getting under all kinds of sanctions including profile suspension. The number of inactive followers negatively impacts your engagement rate. If there are too many of them, even your real followers will stop seeing your content.

3. Bots and fake profiles mess with your numbers. When your follower count is impressive 10.000 but there are barely a dozen likes on each of your posts, it looks ridiculous. Users visiting your profile will easily see the numbers are inauthentic and this will massively dampen your reputation.

But here’s a reasonable question. If buying followers is so bad, is it even worth trying? And how should you promote your profile at the very start?

What should you do?

The classic fake follower purchase we mentioned above is really bad. That’s why we completely leave it behind and choose organic growth instead. This includes influencer marketing, targeted ads, giveaways, and collaborations on you to Subs. You’ve probably heard about all of these, apart from the last one. Let us tell you more about it.

New Way of Organic Promotion is a website that can help you get active followers from your area for a daily payment.

New Way of Organic Promotion

This service isn’t a fake follower marketplace and is not a short task website. What it offers is exclusively organic Instagram promotion that:

1. Offers real followers with high-quality profiles. They all are real Instagram users with personal profiles. Their profiles feature real photos (at least 15), followers (at least 40), and followings (no more than 600).

2. Completely safe. Instagram users follow you and interact with your content just like your regular followers. It’s impossible to tell them apart!

3. Increases your profile’s engagement rate (ER). You probably know that the more likes and comments your posts get, the higher visibility your content gains. But that happens only when the users who react to your content are your followers. Thanks to You to Subs freelancers, everybody will see your content: both in their feed and in the Explore section.

As a Customer, you’ll get detailed insights for each freelancer. If any one of them doesn’t offer optimal performance, just terminate your contract with them.

The most important thing is that as a Customer, you don’t have to do anything. Just make a deposit to your account balance and the service will do the rest.

In short, it’s the only organic method that helps promoting your profile at a quick pace. You might have questions. Is it really as nice as it sounds? try contract.

Increases your profile’s engagement rate

The service will provide you active followers. By ordering the contract you’ll be able to check the quality of our freelancers’ work and won’t lose anything.

Summing It Up

Don’t buy bots and fake followers that will bring your profile down. It’s not just pointless, it’s downright harmful to your growth on the platform. Use only organic methods of promotion. Yes, they take more time and effort but it all pays off. If you want to get great results fast, become a You to Subs customer. In just a week you’ll gain an active and loyal audience.

For business owners and content creators, becoming a You to Subs customer is a great way to boost their Instagram presence, make their profiles more attractive, and increase their engagement rate.