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Buy Backpack Armor: All You Need To Know [2024]

Buy Backpack Armor: All You Need To Know [2024]


Backpack Armor – When someone is faced with an unexpected threat, everyone wishes they had something to protect themselves and their loved ones. Mass shootings, thefts, and murders are on the rise, which is why people are desperately searching for solutions to ensure their safety and security.

There are a variety of options available in the market, such as backpack armors. The chances of you dying in a car accident are higher than from a mass shooting or accidental gunshot, but it’s better to be safe and prepared than sorry. Is backpack armor right for you and your family? Find the answers here. This article will give you a complete guide on backpack armors.

What is backpack armor?

Backpack armor is a type of body armor that protects against ballistic attacks and threats. An armor plate is placed inside the backpack, which provides protection and stops bullets. This can be placed in whichever pack you choose after you have purchased it. The armor present in bulletproof backpacks can be attached to your bag of choice by sewing it. Or you can simply just place the backpack armor inside your bag and remove it easily when it becomes damaged.

Backpack armor uses

Now that you know what it is let us look at why you should purchase one. Backpack armors are mostly purchased by parents who want to protect their children from events such as mass shootings at their children’s schools. In the past, many such events have happened, and many parents lost their beloved children. The Stoneman Douglas High school shooting in Florida was a nightmare for the parents.

In order to prevent such events from happening again and the safety of their children, parents purchase bullet-proof backpack armors. According to statistics, backpack armor manufacturers saw a 100% increase in their sales after the shooting.

Backpack armors are also ideal for law enforcement officers and officers who work for controversial organizations. They should wear backpack armor whenever they are on duty. Also, individuals who may be the target of an attack, such as government figures, celebrities, company executives, and businessmen, should also keep a backpack armor for their protection.

Backpack armors Vs. Armor panels

In the market, you have the option of buying either individual backpack armor or a combination of a bag set and a separate panel. Both options offer benefits as well as disadvantages. So the final decision depends on your personal preferences.

The biggest benefit armor panels offer is that they can be put inside any bag of your choice. This means that if you have a bag your child loves, or you love, you can simply add the armor panel inside it. This is great because it’s very rare to find bulletproof backpacks that are designed for children.

However, a significant drawback of armor panels is that not every bag offers enough space to add an armor panel. But if you buy the panel and backpack combo, you won’t have to worry about finding the right size bag in which the panel can fit. Also, if the armor panel does not fit in your favorite bag, you will end up buying a new bag that is spacious enough to accommodate the armor panel. So it is better to purchase the bag with the armor panel.

Whichever option you choose, remember to consult and keep in mind the NIJ (National Institute of Justice) safety rating for the body armor you intend to purchase. The NIJ safety rating is according to the level of protection a piece of safety equipment such as a backpack armor is capable of providing.

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