Best Online Fax Service

Online faxing is a new trend, it’s becoming increasingly popular day by day. If you are a fax lover and could not get enough of faxing due to the impractical requirements, then you need a full read of this guide. Here, we have explained how online faxing has made the task easier and simple.

Faxing is one of those things that never get old with time. If you didn’t know, faxing originated a long time ago but still holds its grounds. It is better than many recent communication trends and that is why the majority of people all over the world prefer faxing over any other means of communication.

Faxing has many benefits that other communication media lack. For example, the security it offers is the best one. No other communication media could provide security as best as faxing does.

And for this reason, people can’t just let go of it. For people who put security over anything else, faxing is their only choice for delivering important documents. Big organizations also want their documents to be delivered without any outside breaches, so they use faxing for this task.

However, faxing is now not as it used to be in the past. A lot has changed with time. With the invention of much more advanced communication means, fax also needed to take a step further.

For this purpose, many new methods for faxing documents have been established. And one of these new methods is ‘online faxing’. However, online faxing requires the use of online fax services to work.

Online Fax Services

As the name suggests, online faxing involves the use of the internet. In other words, you are faxing through the internet. This means that fax and the internet need to be combined for the purpose. However, the question arises that how can fax and the internet come together?

Well, it’s not just you asking the question, it’s a technical query. Fax is a platform that is powered through analog signals. In the case of the internet, it uses digital signals for working. This way, there’s an incompatibility gap between the two media, faxing, and the internet. To bridge this gap, an online fax service is required.

CocoFax – The Best Online Fax Service In Town

CocoFax is an online fax service that lets you deliver your faxes through the internet. You can fax online free via CocoFax because it doesn’t cost you to send or receive your faxes online. Moreover, it’s the best one in town with features that outshine those of all other fax services out there.


With its outstanding faxing highlights, CocoFax stands at the top in the whole faxing market. People just love its amazing services and that’s why millions of people all around the globe love to use CocoFax.

No other fax service has this much huge client base. That is all because of CocoFax exclusive and unique services that let you fax your documents with ease and convenience.

CocoFax is a renowned faxing brand, there’s no doubt about it. You will even find some big news sources talking about it. Various media brands like the New York Times, Toms Guide and PC World recommend CocoFax as the best online fax service and have positive reviews about it.

CocoFax lets you fax online through not only one but many ways. It has incorporated several good quality services to make its users feel at ease. With CocoFax, you can even fax by email.

Yes, you can use your email id to fax your documents. This is an extraordinary feature incorporated by CocoFax and is used all over the world because of its effectiveness. You can use any device for this purpose.CocoFax 1

Moreover, CocoFax also offers a facility of online dashboard that can be opened from any internet browser. This dashboard is a home for all your faxes, the ones you send as well as those you receive. It is an excellent service as it can be opened from any browser of any device.

Fax Online via Dashboard

Step 1: If you want to use CocoFax as a medium for transferring your faxes, then you must sign-up with it first. You can create an account by availing the service of 30-day free trial. With the free trial, you will also get a free fax number, actually, you can pick the fax number yourself.Fax Online via Dashboard

Step 2: When you are done with the sign-up process, you will automatically be directed to your personal online dashboard. Hit on the button of ‘New Fax’ and start filling all the fields in the window that just popped up.Fax Online via Dashboard 2

First of all, there is the ‘To’ field. Its purpose is to contain the fax address of the receiver so write it here. If you don’t know what a fax address is, it is actually a fax number of the person receiving the fax. After the fax number, comes the fax service extension ‘’.

In the field of ‘subject’, you can write a top note for your fax file, in case if there is any. However, you can leave it empty too because this field is optional. The cover page is another field that is optional. You can write what you want to write on the first page of your fax file here.

Attach the fax file and hit the send button. Your dashboard will soon receive a notification about the delivery of your fax, whether it was safely delivered or not.

Fax Online via Email

Step 1: Well, no matter which CocoFax service you want to use, you need to have a CocoFax account first. Create an account through the website and enter the email address where you want to send and receive your faxes. The email address can be of any client, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or any other.Fax Online via Email 1

Step 2: Open your email id and click on the button of ‘New Mail’. By doing this, a new email composing window will pop open in which you will fill all the required fields.Fax Online via Email 2

Start with the ‘To’ field and write the recipient’s fax address here instead of the email address. Also, there are two optional fields of ‘Subject’ and ‘Email body’. The subject field is to have any top note of the fax. The email body is like the cover page, it will have the content of the fax file’s introductory page.

Attach your document that needs to be faxed, hit the send button. You don’t need to wonder how your email will be faxed. That is CocoFax’s work, it will convert your email into a fax first and then send it.


For faxing online, CocoFax is the perfect solution. It has got all you need. Ease, convenience, money-saving features, everything. You name it, CocoFax has it.