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What Is the Best Handheld 3D Scanner on the Market in 2020?

What Is the Best Handheld 3D Scanner on the Market in 2020?

Want to take your 3D scanner with you? Check out this list of the best options for handheld 3D scanner technology in 2020.

3D laser scanning is the way of the future. These incredible devices are able to take exact measurements and record fine detail in an incredibly short amount of time. They are currently being used in fields such as healthcare, archeology, and engineering and have still yet to reach their full potential.

There are all types of 3D laser scanners out there and each kind is able to help with different objects and goals. One of the most popular kinds is handheld 3D scanners. But with so many options out there, it can be hard to tell which ones are of the highest quality.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you. So continue reading, and we’ll walk you through the best handheld 3D scanners on the market today.

How a 3D Laser Scanner Works

The point of a 3D laser scanner is to create precise 3D models of items already in the real world. They do this by taking multiple pictures of an item. These images are then used to create a three-dimensional model.

The viewer can then look at this model and rotate it so that they can see it from all possible angles on their computer. One scan provides a 3D image of part of the surface of the item. Multiple scans are then combined to create a model.

Similar to how 2D images are made up of pixels, 3D scans are made up of tiny triangles known as polygons. The polygons are fused together to form a polygonal mesh. This polygonal mesh is so accurate that it can create an exact geometrical replicate of the object.

While there are all types of 3D scanners out there, they can generally be divided into two categories: stationary and portable. Let’s take a further look into what stationary 3D scanners are used for and which product is the best one on the market today.

What Is a Handheld 3D Scanner Used For?

Handheld 3D scanners can be used for a variety of applications. In the healthcare sector, they offer a range of opportunities for medical professionals. The fact that these devices offer fast results that are precise as well as safe is certainly a major contributor to their success in this industry.

Doctors can use portable 3D laser scanners to take different body measurements of a patient. They can then monitor those measurements as they change over time. The precision of the scanner means that even the slightest change will be recognized by the device.

In archeology, professionals need to move around a lot and measure items of all different sizes. Because of this, using a portable scanner gives them flexibility. These experts can scan small fragments of objects and recreate entire tools.

3D scanners are excellent products for recreating and preserving historical objects.

In forensics, detectives can use portable scanners to capture crime scenes and recreate different possible scenarios. In fact, these scanners are so precise and effective that their scans are used in courtrooms around the world as ways to provide evidence.

EinScan Handheld 3D Scanner

The EinScan Handheld 3D Scanner is one of the best devices around when it comes to portable 3D scanning. This device comes with several different scan modes including Fixed Scan, Handheld HD Scan, and Handheld Rapid Scan. It also has different Align Modes, such as markers alignment, manual alignment, feature alignment, and turntable coded targets alignment.

It’s able to offer the user an enlarged scan range and can capture 3D models of large and medium-sized objects with great efficiency.

Matter and Form 3D Scanner V2

This 3D scanner offers easy to use and approachable software. Plus, the customer service from this company is nothing short of excellent. And if you have +Quickscan, you’ll be able to scan your objects in practically no time at all.

It also comes with a relatively low price and is both portable and compact, so it’s easy to take with you.

SOL 3D Scanner by Scan Dimension

This laser scanner is great at scanning small objects while still recording fine details. The scanner itself weighs only 8 pounds and can scan objects that weigh as much as 2kg. There are two different modes that you can scan with:

Farm mode is for scanning items that are no more than 180 mm in height and 180 mm in diameter. Near mode is used for scanning items that are no bigger than 100 mm in height and 100 mm in diameter.

This scanner can get up to 0.1 mm of accuracy and is also very affordable. The scans can also be exported as STL or OBJ files and then moved over to a 3D slicer. It is mainly designed for entrepreneurs as well as hobbyists.

It’s also great for teachers who are teaching STEM education to their students through editing and scanning solutions.

The Importance of Knowing About the Best Handheld 3D Scanners

As we can see, there are all sorts of reasons why you might want to use a handheld 3D scanner. Yet, it’s so important that you choose the right scanner. To do that, you need to understand what you intend to get out of the scanner and what the size will be of the objects you intend to scan.

Once you know that, you’ll be good to go. Are you looking for other helpful articles about technology? If so, be sure to check out the rest of our blog today for more!

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